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Sonore toneDAC

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The Sonore toneDAC is a USB/SPDIF digital to analog converter with unbalanced stereo output via RCA connectors. The USB input supports PCM and native DSD and SPDIF input supports PCM and DSD64 via DoP. For use with microRendu, ultraRendu, opticalRendu, and Signature Rendu SE only. The unit comes with a USB cable and RCA to mini jack converter for use with headphones. 
Please note Sonore will not provide support for direct connection via USB to a Mac or Windows computer.



XMOS + ES9038Q2M

SNR ≥ 120dB

USB input - PCM up to 768KHz

USB input - native DSD up to DSD256

SPDIF input - PCM up to 192KHz

Powered from your Rendu

Accurate Low Noise Clock

Input switches automatically from USB to SPDIF when you stop USB playback

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