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Lynx AES16e

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Chris. Anyone. I've reposted this question...


1/ Concerning the lynx upsampling. Once this card is installed, what software engine/code upsamples lower def tracks eg say 16/44.1 to the 24/192 capabilities of the lynx card? Is it still mac's midi (which appears to be excellent) or is it Lynx's? Any comparisons between the two????


2/ I assume any software upsampling done when the lynx card is inserted, is going to better DAC upsamling...

ie playing a 16/44.1 track via a lynx plugged into a DAC that can upsample to 24/192, you'd be better setting the lynx output to 24/192 (so that the DAC doesn't upsample), rather than setting the lynx output to 16/44.1 and letting the DAC upsample. Is this correct????


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Hi wappinghigh - Audio Midi is still the software that would upsample if you chose to do so. The Lynx software is more of an indicator that you're using the sample rate you want. When you change Audio Midi Setup the Lynx Mixer should change to indicate the Audio Midi adjustment.


As far as upsampling goes, it is better to use the DAC in my opinion. Sure this will go both ways under the right cirumstances, but I would rather have a DAC like the DLIII upsample than OS X.


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