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  1. Yes the Heos Link as far as I can tell plays these streams gaplessly...but i have only tested a couple... W
  2. Nope as you thought...not gapless 24Bit wav DSOTM out via Pioneer N-P01 remains "gappy"
  3. This is awesome.. been a bit slow on upgrading and testing 3.1 streaming features now...but wow... Cudos to Damien here... just remember this is one guy! I assume the mac still needs to be kept running as a server to continue streaming....? right? Any chance of integrating Spotify (like you have Tidal) Damien? Congrats on the upgrade! It's awesome!
  4. Hi all been a while.. Also been slow upgrading Audirvana and gee real impressed what Damien has done here... Trialling out the new streaming feature and working well into a couple of pieces of hardware.. A Heos Link and a Pioneer streamer... And it's real easy to swap between Spotify Connect and Damiens A+ app no problems at all... icing on cake for (me me) would be putting Spotify *in*side A+ (Like Tidal is at the moment) Still I'm very Very impressed... Amazing how one guy can beat "Goliath"?!
  5. Why not just add in a Spotify Connect endpoint into your streaming hardware and be done with it? Thanks
  6. Anybody tried to test yet whether Oppo have sorted their UPnP DSD gapless streaming stuff yet in the new 4K Oppo players?, or do you still have to use Q sheets? Thanks Wap.
  7. Spotify Connect is really *that* good. So good it's turned my Sonos ZonePlayers into dumb Spotify endpoints.
  8. D. > Spotify And Spotify Connect. KBOOM. Integrate that! Thanks W
  9. Yes My point exactly. Sick of people saying "it has to be done *that way*" W
  10. Wow Bluesound and roon = Huge. And yes. Em. I go it working w
  11. That doesn't make any sense at all to me.. the file is the file..... streaming of up to to 24/192 and DSD is built into Heos, The Oppo, and several receivers right now.. et etc..
  12. Edit. Found format. Format is not an option of focus under Artists... LOL
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