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Can my Berkeley be bettered? / DAC future

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I acquired a Berkeley DAC about 18 months ago. It was revolutionary as a core piece in my transition to computer audio. It was also an excellent value, especially in audiophile context.


This is a rapidly evolving area. Is there a DAC out there now that readily surpasses the Berkeley? Please describe the sonic improvements.


And at what price? Do I have to pay $5- $10k more? Aaaccckkk!


Are new DACs just going to keep coming at us, better than the last? Is there room for significant improvement with these devices?









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It'll cost you $500. The device you want is the Analog Research Legato. It'll come with a USB cable with the power-leg removed and a special purpose BNC cable ideal for your setup. And it'll totally crush your Lynx. You'll not be able to run hi-res through it, but so what? If it's important, keep your Lynx and just run them in parallel. Done.


As for improvements, you'll have a more extended treble, a more authoritative and tuneful bass. Tone will be richer. And the whole will sound more relaxed, easy, and natural than your Lynx.


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You may check with Bob whose BADA has been "transformed" to be a top-notch player of another class.



> About my BADA clock...


By 'master clock,' I meant the clock that actually drives the DAC chip. In the case of the BADA, this clock operates at a frequency of 25.5760 MHz.


As I was unable to find an off-the-shelf oscillator with requisite performance (10 PPM, 15 pF, etc.) and form factor (HC-49/U), I had 500 pieces fabricated in China.





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I think Bob got his new LIO-8. ;-)


The BADA employs the AD1852 D/A converter which is the same one in my OMZ DAC. My Metric Halo ULN-2, using the AK4395 converter, has a different sonic signature from the AD1852's.


One of my friends prefers his BADA while I prefer my ULN-2, soundwise. Significantly, the BADA and the OMZ is very sensitive to quality of the AES/EBU or S/PDIF source.


I'll be having a chance to compare the Weiss DAC202 and the BADA against my ULN-2 in my system, perhaps with the Woo Audio WES Max as well. :-)


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I suggest you contact Dave Schulte at the Upgrade Company. He can do wonders modifying DACs and other components.




Steve Kuh[br]Mac Mini > Glyph HD > Weiss AFI1 (slave) > modded Esoteric D70 (master) > BAT VK51SE > Classe CA400 > Harbeth Super HL5[br]\"Come on the amazing journey and learn all you should know...\"

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I'm getting that will be a nice partner to my Berkeley DAC- and late August for TweekGeek in the US isn't too long to wait.


Search the forum, there's also some discussion of a clock mod for the Berkeley, which has reportedly given good results. That's internal, of course.


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