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  1. Hey there, Barrows! Always good to run into you. As for the 1x DSD over Ethernet -- it has to do with their (custom) renderer, apparently. 1x DSD is what they were able to get stable, but won't be their last word on it. As development progresses, more progress on sample rates will be made and then become available.
  2. It is, unfortunately, not straightforward. To get levels matched, mutes on fades in and out, mutes on stop -- all that gets handled by a PCM DAC no problem (well, the problems have all been ironed out), but here it has to fall to the ladder attenuator, as this cannot be done digitally on a DSD stream. In fact, if you don't do these things and just wing it with the DSD signal, you risk sending some seriously nasty crap directly through to the rest of the electronics -- high-frequency snaps and pops, all the way to fuse-blowing surges. It's a problem. I remember the old Lampi DSD DACs had some i
  3. I disagree: if you don't want the linestage (or want to bypass it), just get the M1. It's cheaper and better. At least, better for most digital playback file types -- I'll come back to that. One reason why the "linestage version" of their DAC (that is, the M12) is in the lineup is that not everyone is only-digital. Take me, for example. I love my digital, but I also have a turntable and a reel-to-reel machine. With the M12, I can use those analog sources without fussing with an A-to-D on top of a D-to-A -- the analog sources just "pass through" and hit the attenuator. Another reason
  4. No, I think I screwed that up. The M12 plays 2x DSD over USB and 1x DSD over the new Network feature. Not quad.
  5. I'm working on getting The Formula from Aqua Technologies in. That one is under $10k. Every time I've heard it, I've been very impressed.
  6. I think the "Gold" Edition (I think it's referred to as the "Limited Edition") has the latest tweaks, adjustments and upgrades, too, and yes, large portions of the chassis are gold plated. At the demo in the Chicago, Brian played the M1SE and the M1LE back-to-back. And yes, the gold seems to matter. I have both the LE and the M1 (I don't think it's SE) here, and the M1LE is one of my current all-time favorites. It's also not under $10k. To make matters more complicated, I actually prefer the M12 over either one, if only for DSD-based playback (the M1LE sounds better for the "everything els
  7. Well, that is the question, isn't it? There are quite of few of us fans-of-vintage-tech around (I have a wonderful reel-to-reel player I use almost as much as my turntable), and for those that know, SET amps pretty much are impossible to beat. Given that most new speaker-makers don't bother with high sensitivity, that means that perhaps some dumpster diving is in order. Failing that, some gently used or reconditioned speakers might do you right. I had a pair of Model 17 Altecs, for example, that I had every intention of using with my favorite amp, a 7wpc tube amp from BorderPatrol. But ala
  8. I think it (as always) depends on your taste. Is that too wishy-washy? Fine. Here's three that I think might appeal to various folks: You can get some spectacular mini-monitors from Fritz Frequencies, which are great for the space-challenged. Audiophile all the way, with great sound and great (if traditional) fit and finish. You can get some shockingly great panels from Magnepan (the 1.7i are $2k, IIRC) -- these need space, but the cool thing is that, aside from bass, the 1.7 sounds remarkably like the flagship 20.7. You can heap extra spoonfuls of "holy moly" on the "remarkably like"
  9. You may be right. But I heard that Moffat mentioned this in the CanJam talk 2 weeks back.
  10. Congrats. Those are my favorite in-ear monitors too! As for the ZX2, I don't think the support for TIDAL is full-res, is it? Gotta be honest, WiFi on my portable isn't really on the Top 10 list for me. Interesting, maybe, but that starts crossing over into territory I kinda have already covered with my iPhone. As for the Pono, not sure the form factor matters all that much. Sure, you're not going to swing it in your pocket while you workout. But to be honest, not sure that's exactly the place to enjoy high-quality sound. When you're sitting down, at your quiet desk, the triangle shape
  11. Yggdrasil is still a couple of weeks out, I hear. I also hear that it's pretty great. I have a few pics, but at this point, only plans to get one. I will offer that I'm not entirely sure how a non-high-res DAC (or one with suspect capabilities) will fare with the technorati (Yggy is 20-bit, innit?). IMO, and FWIW, it always comes down to the implementation. I have a 16-bit DAC that is absolutely stellar, and for streaming TIDAL, it's outstanding.
  12. Anybody found out the output power on the Pono yet?
  13. I cannot agree more thoroughly than I already do. There is no "best". 'Good', 'better', 'best' are all relative terms, reflecting value on a scale that is anchored to an aesthetic. That is, by definition, it's all subjective. The fact that Chris finds the DAC to be the best he's heard in house is a mile marker. Give the phrasing, he's implying that he likes it, and likes it more than a little bit. He's not, however, saying that it is the best DAC made nor that it is the best DAC he's heard, or heard about. Given Chris' library of experience, some of which we've been privileged to wal
  14. "How about your opinion and what you like?" <== Money Quote We do this a lot, defer our preferences to those we respect or admire. It's silly, really, and we know it is but we all seem to do it anyway. Priaptor has got it exactly right, IMO. If you're buying this because of a review, you should cancel the order, buy something cheap and wait for the Greatest DAC Ever Made. In the meantime, invest that money in music, family, friends, the stock market or whatever. It'll be a bit of a wait. Another approach would be to use the reviewers you read and admire as something of a litmus
  15. For my part, I'm still not sure why an off-box USB converter is the best solution, nor why there's such an allergy to on-box DSD conversion. I get the arguments -- both are compromises that are best addressed elsewhere in the system. But that argument feels a bit long in the tooth.
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