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hiFace v1.03 & WASAPI

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Has anyone been able to use WASAPI with hiFace driver version 1.03? WASAPI is supported according to the M2Tech site, but I'm not getting any audio output.


...and yes, a review is forthcoming :~)


Edit: I should have mentioned I am using J River Media Center v15.0.38


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The latest version (1.03.141) does not work. You need the previous version, 1.03.140.


I do not know how to link to other posts, put if you look at this page and scroll down to the post by Matias on Wed, 03/31/2010, there is a link to the driver that works with WASAPI on J River.




If you are still working on the review, contact Marco at M2tech and he hopefully can provide you an update of the driver status. They are working with J River on the driver.


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