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Superphonica Update: January 23, 2018 - PM

The Computer Audiophile

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Hi Guys - Here's an update for this afternoon on what's happening at Superphonica.


0. First, thanks to everyone who has listed gear and who has made a purchase through the new site. 


1. We were interviewed by a HiFi publication about the new site, spent some time answering a few questions, only to find out the editor put the kibosh on the interview. He said were competition. Not sure how, but I guess oh well. Perhaps I'll just publish the interview myself. 


2. We continue to run adwords and banner ad campaigns for the products people have listed. So far we've paid for 550,000 impressions around the web. This is what the 1% fee to sell a product goes toward paying. 


3. I was just on The Next Track podcast talking about buying and selling gear and the new site. This is another avenue to bring buyers and sellers together, and help those of you how've already listed your items for sale. 


4. We are also looking into sponsorships at the AXPONA trade show in April.


5. I noticed some listings on the site people asked for an extra ~3% if the buyer uses PayPal. There is no way for the buyer to add this percentage to the cost at checkout. Because 99% of all transactions will be through PayPal, I highly recommend just adding the percentage on to the price of your item and noting that in the description. If the buyer uses Escrow.com to checkout, this can be changed as part of the transaction int he Escrow system.


6. We have a few very big dealers coming on board in the coming weeks. They have tons of used gear to sell that they've taken in on trade or have used as demo gear. The hold-up right now is getting the items listed on Superphonica. We help take care of this for people with many items to sell, but they still need to send us photos and answer a couple questions. 


I guess the bottom line with much of what we're doing is this, we don't sit back and hope you sell an item. We actively pursue buyers for your gear. 

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