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  1. Ok, will test it and see if it works
  2. If LMS can feed StylusEP, then this is great news. LMS is free so anyone can try it.
  3. I use Squeeze Ctrl app on Android and I can control Tidal with it as well
  4. Mee too, I am not interested in Roon. I am currently running LMS with Win 10 on my server and feeding SL with Euphony on my end point and very happy with the SQ. I still want to try AL on the server, but not sure if it supports LMS.
  5. You can get it from Ghent https://www.ghentaudio.com/part/dc-pc02.html
  6. Hi Rajiv I am playing with the SL buffer settings but what I am finding so far is the opposite of you found. The smaller the buffer the more spacious the sound. I tried so far 3GB, 2GB, 1GB, 500MB and 100MB for both input and output settings. I left the ALSA buffer constant at 50MB. This is with LMS running with Win10 on my server and SL is running with Euphony on the end point. I will be validating over the coming days.
  7. I will try playing with the settings, but I am using LMS to SL so may not be applicable to Roon to SL.
  8. Frequency doesn't work on my Jetway NF597 motherboard either.
  9. Great thanks for helping me decipher what these numbers mean. In my case, I have 8GB RAM and my CPU is a low powered one, Celeron 3160 which can run at a freq of 1.6 to 2.24 Ghz. I will play within these parameters and report what I hear.
  10. Thanks I guess the optimal settings will be system dependent i.e. CPU and RAM
  11. Same thing happened with me. I fixed it by changing the boot from UEFI to Legacy.
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