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  1. Do you do that on all of your chain components?
  2. I once replaced the brass binding posts on my speakers with copper WBT ones. The difference was not subtle, more open and transparent sound. The build quality is a touch of class as well.
  3. Since there has been some recent interest in PSU discussion, and more specifically, Farad PSU I will share my experience as this is what this thread is all about. My end point is based on a 12V Jetway NF596 motherboard that is modded with the sCLK-EX board. I used to power it with sPS-500 using a 50cm 16AWG Neotech UP-OCC silver with JSSG360 treatment. A few months back, I acquired a 12V Farad Super3 PSU with the Pink Faun PCX DC cable. I replaced the sPS-500 with the Farad Super3 and kept the same power cable and I was immediately rewarded with a significant improvement. The main benefits are: 1-An enhanced 3D sound stage 2-More density to the notes and specially vocals (this is what I am more sensitive to) 3-Smoother sound. This requires patience. In the first week, the sound was still a bit harsh, but after 4-5 days of 24 hr continuous playback, the PSU settled in quite nicely. Again, I highlight that it was only Farad vs. sPS-500 comparison as I don't and not planning to own any PH PSUs. I am eagerly waiting to read what @austinpop reports in his PSU shootout. I tried to keep my post focused on the SQ of my endpoint and not about the PSU itself, I hope this is not off topic.
  4. No Rajiv, we value your posts and your passion for sharing your experience with us. I have benefited tremendously from your advice and many others on AS as well.
  5. I agree and there is a feeling that the sound is bolder overall.
  6. I installed LMS version 7.9 which supports DSD format by default. I also checked the file format like Alex did. I will check your post.
  7. This is exactly what happened with LMS running on Win 10 as well. No matter what I tried , DSD remained silent.
  8. For those who are using LMS server with Audiolinux, does it support DSD?
  9. Hi Geoff Basically both are low powered machines. I have Nimitra running LMS and a custom sCLK-EX PC based on a Jetway NF596 motherboard with Celeron N3160 CPU running StylusEP.
  10. Actually it applies to both, local and Tidal
  11. I reached the same conclusion on my system even with the tX-USBexp. I settled on LMS-->StylusEP. This takes away the harsh edges on the highs.
  12. You may find that LMS+StylusEP is on par with Stylus standalone
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