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  1. Can Euphony/Stylus be configured as an MPD/UPNP renderer?
  2. Sorry for your unfortunate luck. Larry is very responsive. Don't worry you are in good hands.
  3. You should! I use these cables and they really showed what HMS/TT2 is capable of. Highly recommended.
  4. No need to spend $$$ to upgrade the performance of the TT2 by investing in a PSU a la PH SR7. I found a clearly noticeable improvement by replacing the stock PSU of the TT2 with a 50,000 mah laptop powerbank at 15V. I don't know why, but maybe less noise from the SMPS. All of my gear are plugged to one dedicated AC circuit. P.S. I use the TT2 to directly drive my Omega speakers.
  5. Hi Phil How close are we to the public Beta?
  6. So this confirms your previous finding with the DS-1 that clocking is very important even in the presence of AL/NUC. The golden trio to optimize, power, latency, and clocking.
  7. Yes you can set it up on any PC and a USB ethernet adapter works just fine.
  8. I am not a scientist in a lab with measuring tools. My ears are probably detecting what the tools can't measure. My experience tells me that my ears are more advanced than specs. Having said that, I don't deny the power of placebo.
  9. I just wanted to clarify that master clocks ca be beneficial to SQ. I don't know why or how. This is based on my subjective listening only.
  10. Pls don't throw such statements. I have a cybershaft OP-14 (single output) and it clocks my tX-USBultra and you have to be deaf not to hear the significant improvement it contributes to SQ. I can't listen to my system without it!
  11. Over a year old I didn't notice, but I didn't try covering the plugs with ferrites. Why not, will look for some ferrites that can fit over the diameter of the plugs
  12. I tested high quality ferrites vs JSSG360 shielding. There is no doubt that JSSG360 is superior. Lower noise with greater dynamics.
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