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  1. Yes this is important to isolate the software improvement from the hardware (NUC).
  2. I auditioned both and I preferred the HD-800S. I am not a headphone guy by any means.
  3. I would sell the LPS-1 and get the LPS-1.2. One of the best upgrades you can do.
  4. mozes

    Sonore opticalRendu

    Can someone pls explain how we can feed an optical signal to the opticalRendu? Most of us have the common switches with RJ45 ports. Do we need converters or just use USB to optical converters?
  5. I would like to share a quick update on what I believe is the best setup I have achieved in my system in terms of SQ so far. It is also an opportunity to have a different flavour on this thread other than the recently popular NUC/AL which I have abandoned as I am not so patient. My system is as follows: 1-Nimitra: configured as a server with Jriver. My music is stored internally on a 1TB SSD (powered by sPS-500). 2-custom built sCLk-EX PC configured as a renderer with Jplayfemto (powered by sPS-500 for motherboard, LPS-1 for the tX-USBultra, LPS-1 for 120GB SSD, and LPS-1.2 for the sCLK-EX board). Both machines run on Win 10 pro and optimized with Fidelizer 8.3 and AO 2.2 3-TLS OCXO switch (LPS-1.2). The server and renderer are both plugged to this switch (no bridging). What I have noticed is that the biggest improvement came from using Jplayfemto as a renderer and with a DAC link of 1000Hz. The most obvious gain is realism and spatial presence. I remind you all that I haven't tested AL/NUC so I can't offer insights on any comparative performance takeouts. However, it is the best SQ I achieved so far. Happy New Year!
  6. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone on this thread. Special kudos to @austinpop the leader and moderator of this thread. He managed to keep it alive and focused on the relentless pursuit of improving digital SQ.
  7. Thanks, that's what I need to do, but how?
  8. Piero just told me to edit .mpdconf file and that I should have device "hw:1,0" I don't have a computer degree, so these things are going over my head.
  9. Thanks Monge, I enabled the services but will check the BIOS settings as you mentioned.
  10. Thanks Rick, I managed to sort it out and installed MPD and upnp. I can see MPD as a zone in jriver but no sound is coming from my dac. I am using Hugo TT2, it should be driverless with Linux. I am connecting the NUC to tX-USBultra then to TT2 via usb. Does it make a difference which usb port I use?
  11. I plugged the ethernet cable to my NUC with AL 0.7 headless, but how do I know if the NUC is connected to the network?
  12. Thanks guys, by luck I tried "alupdate" and it worked
  13. Thanks, sorry I meant the update menu. I want to install MPD so I can stream from my Jriver on my win 10 server to AL headless on the renderer
  14. Guys I need some help pls. How do I get to the configuration menu in AL 0.7 headless? Also can I install Jriver in headless or only in LXQT?