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I recently realized that I would need to disable software volume control of my music in order to keep it at "full quality". This also goes for any other type of digital manipulation of the sound including DSP, software resampling, and replaygain. After making these adjustments I thought my Linux system was sending untouched music straight to the USB DAC, but I came across some info that made me realize otherwise. If your audio device is specified in your music player as "ALSA default" or something similar, the audio is still going through dmix where it is resampled to 16-bit/48khz. In order to bypass dmix, the audio device must be specified along the lines of "hw:0,0" in your music player.


Just thought I'd pass this along. The difference is quite noticeable.


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Very good info for all the Linux users around here. Many of them are reading the site, but have yet to post a question or share their experiences.


Linux users - Don't think I don't know you're lurking around here :-) The site stats suggest there are many of you. Feel free to jump in the conversations or start some on your own. This is all in good fun of course. Nobody has to do anything around here, it's a laid back site.


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I use Linux and Windows XP, I've been actually interested in the USB DAC thingy, but I have not come across a lot of information regarding USB DAC and Linux... almost always with Mac or Windows.


ggking7, what USB DAC are you using?, I'm interested in reading about USB DAC compatible with Linux.



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