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SSD Prices - never seemed to drop?

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Back in the summer, many speculated that SSD prices would drop.


I've seen the opposite.


I bought an OCZ Agility series 120GB MLC SSD in October for $289 total. It came with a $30 Rebate - which would have further lowered the price, but I'm rather poor at rebate follow-through and didn't file in time.


I recently put the SSD in my daughter's 2 year old Macbook - the hard drive failed, but not before full data recovery - and went back to Newegg to order a replacement. The going rate is now $379. That's a 30% INCREASE.


The Agility Series did receive very high marks for it's performance vis-a-vis it's earlier price, but still, I'm shocked at the increase.


Even the 60GB Vertex Turbo has gone up - although only by $20 - from $249 to $269.


Anyone seen anything contrary?


I'm looking for good value 120 Gb SSD for another daughter's over 3 year old Macbook - for preemptive replacement of the HD, plus the speed improvement.








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My SSD guru tells me it is supply and demand, I have been waiting to build an SSD external storage device to replace my external hard drives but it keeps getting more expensive...


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