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IFI Microlink USB-SPDIF Can't Install...


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I just received the IFI Micro-link USB-SPDIF converter. I want to use it with Windows 10. It is not recognized by the computer so apparently I need to install a driver for this.


Went on the IFI site and when I try to download the driver, my Norton Antivirus says this download is a serious threat. IFI says on the site that I may have to uninstall my Antivirus to make this happen. I'm definitely not comfortable with that, sooo......


Can anybody help me out here? I'm a little bummed out here and not very computer savvy. Anything else I've connected to my computer for audio was simple because all I had to do was connect it and away I went.


Your help is much appreciated.


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For Windows, it should be the same procedure, no matter the hardware.


Take a look at the options of your AV software. On lower right of your screen you probably be able to see Norton AV icon for the running instance of it. Try to right-click this icon, option for temporarily disable AV should be there.

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Now that's what a good, courteous and helpful forum is :)

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