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  1. It's been a while since I've been on this forum but I still use my ISO-REGEN/LPS-1 combo all the time. No problems since the purchase and all my digital files sound killer. Anybody want to take a crack at trying to convince me why I should go from the LPS-1 to the 1.2? The LPS-1 does what I need it to but trying to get better sound quality is never ending.....even though I'm quite impressed with what I've got going right now. Thanks!
  2. Ok thanks......so it is safe to use it with the LPS-1......no side effects?
  3. A custom 7.5V/4.8A/36W world-voltage-compatible tabletop SMPS for "energizing" the UltraCap™ LPS-1.2, along with a 45cm AC power cable (standard IEC plug one end, USA wall plug at the other—international buyers can cut and put a local plug on or just use any standard power cord I copied this from the Uptone site. I thought I remember reading that this is supposed to be better than the ones that came with the ISO Regen and the standard Regen. Is this the case? Can it now be purchased independently without the LPS-1.2? Thanks!
  4. I use a DEQ 2496. Excellent sound quality as long as you use it strictly digital. Been using it for about 7-8 years now. Wouldn't want to go without it. Computer audio uses it's optical ins/outs. CD player uses the digital coax ins/outs. Very flexible unit. I use it for PEQ only but it does much, much more.
  5. I use a DEQ 2496 and really like it.....that is, after I figured a few things out with it. It's dead silent and has excellent sound quality. Do not use the analog section. It sucks. Use an outboard DAC so that the DEQ 2496 is digital only. Stay at or below the equator with your EQ curve. A minor boost is ok but not too much. Make sure everything in the menu is correct...and whatever you're not using make sure it is disabled. Programming this unit is clumsy and could be made easier but isn't too bad once you get used to it. For the price....it's hard to beat. If there's something out there that beats it at this price range, I'd like to see/hear it. The 2496 has two digital inputs so I use one for computer audio and the other for a cd player. Slick.
  6. Thanks Alex. As long as I've got the original USB Regen sitting here doing nothing, I'll try that in addition to the ISO-REGEN as well.
  7. Could someone please give me the Amazon link to the Y-cable so that I can power both my ISO-REGEN and a future Microrendu from my LPS-1. Can't seem to find it. Thanks!
  8. Sorry, I should have included that I'm only interested if the microrendu will improve sound quality......above and beyond the quality that the IR already gives.
  9. Right now I'm using the ISO-REGEN, LPS-1 combo and really like it. Considering adding a Microrendu. What do you guys think? Is it worth it? Thanks!
  10. Ok, thanks. So what do I use to control it....set it up? My smartphone?
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