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  1. You are correct. I think I had a wrong expectation for the track to appear in favourites. It does appear in tracks, which did not occur to me. 🙄
  2. @wklieYes that all works, but as I do often, like to listen to a few tracks of an album in the search results before deciding to add an album to favourites and without having to return to the main search view, what I am finding is that the ‘add to favourites’ option in the top left icon does not fully work. What does happen is that the icon for the album selected appears in favourites in the Qobuz app, but no amount of refreshes works to bring that album into Lumin app favourites. What only works at that stage is to open the album from favourites in the Qobuz app and tick the ‘heart’ option to
  3. I think this is the last in the series about this issue. I also find that say after a search of an artist that if an album in the search is put into favourites in the Lumin app it goes into favourites in the app and also into Qobuz with the heart ticked pink in Qobuz as expected. It seems only that the top left corner album icon does not fully communicate with Qobuz.
  4. Just made a discovery re above post. Yes the icons appear in Qobuz favourites, but when I clicked on all of them from this morning to reveal the tracks the heart icon, which confirms the album is a favourite, was not illuminated pink. I then clicked on the heart icon for each album illuminating it, and those favourites appeared in the Lumin app. Immediately.
  5. When I play an album from Qobuz and decide to add it to my favourites in the Lumin app, by click/holding the album icon top left it does not appear in favourites in the app, but does appear in Qobuz favourites. Help appreciated.
  6. @The Computer AudiophileThanks Chris. I had a look at your suggestion, but it seemed all to 'developer' oriented for me. On the other hand I have improved the readability by zooming the page.
  7. @BlueSkyy Thanks for response. I dropped Chris a line just to check. I feel some more contrast of the type face would help for comfort reading.
  8. Has the print on site faded in terms of boldness?
  9. Amen. I am not looking forward to the day when my Panasonic plasma set goes to plasma TV grave yard. They are no more.
  10. @barrows again thank you so much for taking time to give so much information.
  11. @barrows Thank you for that very clear information as to why some of us have this issue with Leedh VC. I noticed the previous poster with the issue was using a Denafrips Terminator and in my own case it is a MHDT Orchid DAC, both R2R design. Is this relevant at all in your opinion. Finally is it possible that the appropriate dac delay could be implemented by a firmware update?
  12. Oh well that’s it then 🙁 thanks for your very prompt attention.
  13. @wklieIs there any possibility of a fix in the future? I would like to continue using Leedh. The convenience of remote volume control is also a great feature. Thanks.
  14. I was intending to bring a wince inducing crack from my right speaker when file resolution changes when streaming. I use Leedh and want to continue using it, but I should confirm if it happens when neither dac or Leedh is controlling volume.
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