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  1. Leedh digital volume has raised my system performance significantly. Overall clarity is very noticeably improved. Bass has much better ‘form’ and relationship with the overall frequency response. There is great life and rhythmic vitality in a natural unforced way without unwanted price paid. Volume is at 100% in settings and my amp pre volume set much higher than normal, and with the app circular Volume set to 60 I can listen comfortably down the hallway in the next room. Even thus removed from the system the improvements are clearly audible.
  2. Thanks Peter for the clarifications. I am unable to turn the volume of my valve integrated full on due to noise, but I have turned it higher than normal and with the volume limiter set to 100% and normal listening level of around 60 on the circular app volume I am enjoying the result. Music is barely audible at 1 on the circular volume, so settings are probably optimum in the circumstances. I upgraded my dac chip in the last week and with the V13 firmware upgrade as well there is a lot going on here, but I will be continuing with this setup while I investigate trading my integrated for a superior power amp. Despite my setup not being optimum I perceive welcome overall improvements. Thanks to all for making this beneficial technology available, and at no cost will endear Lumin to many.
  3. @wkliePeter I am out of my depth here. Can the benefits of the LeedH volume be fully enjoyed when an external dac is used, for example MHDTLabs Orchid Dac. Does adjusting the volume have any deleterious effect on the performance of the dac? Are there any particular compatibility factors to be taken into account when selecting a power amplifier? By the way I am using the UI Mini. Thanks.
  4. Has anyone tried ferrites on the ethernet cable serving the Lumin UI Mini? I would be interested to hear your experience.
  5. I hope I understand you correctly. If you have double tap engaged, click/highlight the first track, when the tracks are displayed as above, and several option buttons should open at the bottom of the page. One of them allows you to select all tracks and you can then decide with the other buttons to do things like to play your selection immediately, or add to the bottom of an existing playlist. You can also decide to insert a new selection after the current track playing. You can also when highlighting just select the tracks you want to play and follow with any of the options in the buttons at the bottom.
  6. Ah thank you I'm not at all familiar with Roon. Apples and oranges then and as you say not surprising there might be a difference.
  7. Has anyone tried this linear power supply with a Lumin UI Mini, or compared with other alternatives available? Looks like a thoughtful design and build. https://www.plixirpower.com/products/copy-of-dc-power-supply-for-audio-streamer-and-dac
  8. I asked Bluesound if their BluOS app influenced sound quality of the Node 2i with regard to what device it was installed on, because I thought it made a difference, an iPad Pro thought to be better than an iPad 2, and they said no. My 'Pro' bias was instantly cured. Based on that advice I can't say why the Lumin app versus any other controller would be different? If there was a difference it would be likely related to the stream source rather than the app surely?
  9. Does for me on Qobuz over 2ghz. 65Mbps broadband up to 24/192. It also does MQA which will be of interest to Tidal users like yourself. The App works great on Qobuz and glitch free operation. I used a MAC mini before and spent on all the usual apps to improve sound and Dirac, but wouldn't go back. I did some tests and prefer to use the internal dac in the Node 2i and feed my amp with diy Deulund interconnects. I did not hear the original Bluesound Node 2, but it has been reported that the 2i has brought sound improvements with some circuit redesign.
  10. Yes the Neocons have control supported by the mainstream media and insist every sovereign State will accept their will under the guise of US 'exceptionalism', and by any illegal means. The results are horrific and wide spread.
  11. It looks like high humidity copper corrosion. Have you spoken to iFi?
  12. Liam

    iFi Retro 50.

    Plenty reviews here. https://ifi-audio.com/portfolio-view/retro-stereo-50/
  13. Hi Cortes. I upgraded from the standard DP-777 to the SE in December 2015, so just over two years now. I bought both new. I haven’t had any issues. The SE was a worthwhile upgrade. I wrote about my experience on a few forums. A search might throw my comments up. I have no desire to make a change. I listen exclusively to Red Book from Qobuz HiFi. I can’t help you though with alternative DACs. I do think though that you should avail of an opportunity to audition something from a different stable at home before making a choice. With regard to the DP-777 SE though, it is the overall flavor of the standard version, but better all round in my opinion. If you like the sound of the standard 777, it would be a safer bet sound wise than a leap of faith to an alternative marque.
  14. Thanks Chris for the tour. Love my Contour S 1.4LE.
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