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  1. Thanks Peter very much. That worked. UI Mini logged in automatically without intervention by me presumably having memorised new login. Top class service 👏👏👏
  2. I’m stumped. This morning the internet went down. I re booted the router and internet was back when it had re booted. UI Mini requested login to Qobuz, having obviously logged out. However, now I cannot log back in. Below is screen shot. This even after changing password, and copy pasting address and password, the same which works perfectly to log in to the website directly. I switched of the Mini for a period and switched back on....no good. In desperation I re set to factory setting the UI Mini via the app. No change. I’m probably overlooking something but can’t figure. Help appreciated.
  3. @RopetI replied similarly before seeing your response. Exactly the same here. As you say not an issue.
  4. @chungjhDoes it only happen if the Lumin is paused for a while? Happens in my case with the Lumin UI Mini. Something to do with buffer I’m guessing. In my case I don’t consider it a problem.
  5. Being a Licenced Amateur Radio Operator myself, (not active for some years now) what you say is so, but it’s fair to also say perfectly legitimate clean radio signals can find their way into domestic equipment, designed or not, to pick up radio signals, but due to measures being inadequate or absent in the design to reject unwanted signals suffer interference. Licenced Radio Amateurs receive education while studying for Licence examinations and engage in further learning in these matters, and will usually want to be helpful to eliminate the issue, so that both can enjoy their pursuits.
  6. Radio receivers do not cause radio interference. If it is a commercial or unauthorised entertainment type radio station then it might result from a relatively nearby station increasing transmission power or commencing transmission in your general area. Sometimes changes in cabling (lengths) might make your system more or less susceptible due to the cables acting as an antenna. Snap on ferrites on cables may inhibit the unwanted interference travelling on cable screens. Has your neighbour erected any new or perhaps unusual antenna other than would be common for pickup of the usual radio station
  7. I installed Firmware 13.4 on my UI Mini this morning following Peter’s post saying it included the beta mentioned above, otherwise it held nothing for me. Not using Leedh I was not expecting much change, if any, but there was. My perception is that there is a marked overall increase in clarity, dynamics and resolution. I am still evaluating as it was so marked I was shaken out of the previous sound of the system, which was, how shall I say, more ‘cuddly’, but enjoyed. It would be nice to be able to revert to the previous Firmware, if desired, though having switched off the system and come b
  8. @thingswelikeproblem solved thank you! I was using the Tunein password not my username. 👏👍
  9. @CebollaThanks very much for your help. When doing a google earlier I came across a post in 2019 about what you referenced, but now as you pointed me too it has come into effect. I am in Ireland. Perhaps we have been grouped with UK. Still though I used Tunein from a Node2i this morning. See also my post above.
  10. @vrdsp0thanks for reply. I did already have various stations in my Tunein Library (see below screen shot). I’m sure I used to be able to see them in Lumin app. Maybe I am mixing with my Node2i in the other system. Because I was getting “bad Tunein login” in Lumin app I reset the Tunein password and used that new one in the Lumin app, but still the same message and of course no stations appeared, although Lumin app indicates I am logged in. Perhaps it is related to Cebolla’s post above, though I used Tunein this morning via BluOS Node2i. I am located in Ireland.
  11. Tunein Radio stations are missing in Lumin app despite being signed in, but all seems normal when Tunein accessed in browser. Help appreciated. Thanks.
  12. But not on the floor like many 👍👏
  13. I have been an audiophile since the 1970’s, starting of with a Philips system and moving fairly quickly to Linn Sondek, Naim pre/power 250 and Gale speakers. The gear was sold to buy Ham Radio gear in the early 1980’s, but returned again to hi-fi. The current system details are below in the signature. Latest acquisition are the Aperion Ribbon Super Tweeters.
  14. You are correct. I think I had a wrong expectation for the track to appear in favourites. It does appear in tracks, which did not occur to me. 🙄
  15. @wklieYes that all works, but as I do often, like to listen to a few tracks of an album in the search results before deciding to add an album to favourites and without having to return to the main search view, what I am finding is that the ‘add to favourites’ option in the top left icon does not fully work. What does happen is that the icon for the album selected appears in favourites in the Qobuz app, but no amount of refreshes works to bring that album into Lumin app favourites. What only works at that stage is to open the album from favourites in the Qobuz app and tick the ‘heart’ option to
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