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New Pono Desktop Software


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I received an email this morning from Pono about their new desktop software, PonoMusic Vault. The app is still in beta, but it looks like they have decided to dump Jriver and develop their own software internally.


Frankly, I was surprised that learn that the Pono team had actually been working on anything. There are links to the store and a downloads tab on the app, but the store is still not active. But, maybe this is a sign that they really are planning to get things going again.



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Here's the full text of the email:




Aloha! Pono is pleased to announce PonoMusic Vault, our own internally developed desktop software that's an upgrade over the JRiver software that has been previously available. PonoMusic Vault is absolutely free and will never expire. This software is what you need to manage your digital music library with rich features such as Playlist Creation, CD Ripping, Tag Editing and more!


Why did we develop Pono Vault? Because many of our users (as well as us) found the previous software to be difficult to use, and a challenge to our goal of making access to and listening to music easy for everyone. It served its purpose while we developed our own, and you can still purchase the product from JRiver if you want nothing else.


Our software, support, and quality teams spent weeks pouring over all of the feedback and support requests that came in, and, based on that information, set out to develop a product that would provide the necessary capabilities with a much improved user interface. After nearly a year of effort we are happy to announce its availability.


We are excited to be releasing a Beta version of PonoMusic Vault today. Follow the instructions below to download your free copy and get started with this improved experience. We have prepared a video tutorial and a list of answers to anticipated questions.


Because this is a Beta, we will be reviewing all of the tickets you submit, but may not get back to you on each one unless there are specific questions. You should assume that all feedback is being read and being addressed.


You can download PonoMusic Vault here:





Check out the video tutorials here:




We welcome your feedback and experience. Please let us know by clicking here: http://www.ponomusic.com/contactus and don't forget to include your operating system and browser information.


Thanks to all of you for your support.


Mahalo, The PonoMusic Team

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