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3R USB from Ideon Audio

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Two days ago came to my hands a new USB reclocker/regenerator/redrive from Ideon Audio.


Similar to in dimensions with Uptone Regen, it has a USB input and a USB output and it comes with its own power supply.


I pluged it to the system and WOW! The differences are evident from the first minute. Main characteristics are better sepearion between various instruments and wider soundstage.


After the 50 hours burn in period, bass became cleaner with more detail even at low (during night time) volumes. The harshness on the upper edge of the brass instruments is gone. Vocals are now more focused. Music flow is smoother.


I tested it against three Uptone Regen reds, daisy chained, and an iPurifier2 and 3R outperformed all four of them.


Just Love it!


Here is the site:


IDEON audio - 3R USB


Στάλθηκε από το X9007 μου χρησιμοποιώντας Tapatalk

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What is the price for that unit? What kind of power supply is it which comes along with the USB reclocker? Which PSUs did you use with your Regens while comparing them to 3R USB? Was it the stock Meanwell SMPS?


[h=2]189.00€[/h]E-Shop is here:


3R USB Renessaince


It comes with a stock SMPS power supply, more like a cellphone charger if you ask me. However i have used the same DIY power supply on both occasions. Its power requirements are almost the same as the Regen.

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No specs on it that I can find, so it's not clear whether it supports High Speed USB for high resolution files.

right and within the strong competition and without a number of positive and independent reviews 189 EUR promotional price is not necessarily a bargain

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I played 24/192 without any problems Could not test DSD since I do not have any files

If only files are missing (do you have a DSD capable DAC?) here are some test files: http://www.2l.no/hires/index.html

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