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  1. How you tested it? I cannot see a link anywhere even for purchasing
  2. for my desk setup i use CMA600i, feeding from my laptop through usb (after passing it through two 3R usb from Ideon audio) . I am listening from my Sundara headset for almost a year now. Like the combo very much, haven't tried it on my main system as a pure dac, since it does not make much sense (Devialet amplifier). I preferred it from the quad pa-one headphone amplifier ( i was lucky, both units have the same dealer here)
  3. 2 hours ago, MichaelH said: I have a Cambridge Edge A integrated amp, Martin Logan Vistas, and a Denon DVD-5900 as the primary source (used for audio only) for my CD and SACD collection. I use its digital coax out direct to the Edge for CDs. Sometimes I stream Tidal from my laptop connected via USB, but I want to add something better and more permanent. I've been reading these forums and gaining knowledge, but these threads can quickly go DEEP into the weeds. I'm looking for pointers on how to start planning a PC that would be a good fit. What should my priorities be? I'm a software engineer, I have no problem building a PC, I've used linux as my primary OS for more than 15 years, and so I gravitate toward having a PC of some kind where I can have control of the software, upgrade software over time, and perhaps just use VNC or remote desktop to control the thing. I want to end up with the ability to stream Tidal or other high-quality services, potentially with video (like the Berlin Phil Digital Concert Hall), and I guess other mainstream video. I do not yet own a TV, so advice on that is also welcome. (Maybe I should plan to stream video sources direct from the TV? Haven't owned a modern TV, so I don't have experience there.) I mostly listen to classical and some jazz, and I had a ~10 year career as a classical musician before the software industry lured me away, so my ear is picky about quality and accuracy. Hardware: I'm reading in this forum about being fanless, linear power supply, using particular RAM, isolating the SSD's power, or having no local storage at all, having a dedicated high-end USB card, isolating power to that too, .... Then I'm also reading about people using NUCs or even raspberry pis. Can you help me digest and prioritize these things? What would be a good fit for my setup to produce a high-quality stereo source? Or is this whole idea crazy, and I should just get a Bluesound Node 2i or similar? Software: I understand that Tidal does not support MQA on linux. Bummer. I much prefer to run linux, but I may be willing to run Windows if that's the only way to get MQA. It's just been a LONG time (my last Win desktop was XP). Thoughts on that? I have at least been able to identify that disabling pulseaudio makes a noticeable difference when my laptop is the source. Should I be looking at Roon, or can I get by without it? I have a modest FLAC collection that I don't often think about, so streaming is probably the priority. Any advice at all would be appreciated. There are probably some questions I should be asking but don't yet know enough to ask. Thanks! First of all you should start with the hardware. Although straightforward, this is not the case. At first, low CPU low powered computers were preferable. Now, trends are higher CPU high powered computers that can do lots of upsampling, running HQPlayer etc. Decide your budget for the pc. For my build, I will choose the low powered option, upsampling is not my cup of tea. First the build and later comes all the tweaking options you have been reading about. Secondly comes the software. Since you are a linux guy, there are ready linux distros here that can do the work effectively, like Euphony OS. I use win10 because my software player of choice only comes in win10. Thirdly, comes the streaming. Most players offer some sort of integration with streaming services. The best intuitive software this time around, albeit expensive, is roon. There is a trial version you can test and see if it suits you. Other players will do the work too, it is a matter of preference and convenience. I use MUSIChi suite. Lastly, do not overestimate MQA. It will soon become obsolete. Streamers: Since you are a PC guy, streamers will not suite you. They are static, not upgradeable, an out of the box solution that gets the job done, without much hassle. Of course, there are models that cost thousounds that do more, like upsampling etc. But then again, you cannot mess with it.
  4. You can use MP3Tag, Tag&Rename, MUSIChi Tagger (to name a few) to do the job of re-tagging. I use the last one for about three years now and been completely satisfied.
  5. I see what you mean. I faced the same problem with you when i moved from MacOS to Windows for music reproduction. Did not find a solution though and i had to adopt my own style for folder organization
  6. Use roon search function to find the album you want. Select a track from the album. right click on "open file location" under roon. It will take you to the file in windows explorer. I also use roon and i do the sorting manually though.
  7. You should ALL try MusiCHI player Suite. The ONLY software player that was made having Classical Music in mind and onto which you can add up to seven extra metadata labels to suit your preferences. There is a free trial version for everyone who is interested. https://www.musichi.eu/index.php/overview Check out the MusiCHI Clean: MusiCHI Clean MusiCHI CLEAN is made up of a very complete database for classical music and jazz including composers, performers or ensembles, and compositions (over 200,000 entries). It is a dream tool to speedup your workflow by having automatically your composers, compositions and performers spelled right and uniformly! No more typical pop style names as Ludwig von Beethoven but Beethoven, Ludwig van (1770-1827). Sick of having the same compositions under different names like: Sonate für Klavier und Violine F-dur Opus 24 [Frühling] Sonata No. 5 "Frühlings - Sonate" The Violin Sonata No. 5 in F major “Spring”, Opus 24 The Cleaner will take care of it and supply all the relevant information like name, nickname, key, opus/catalog and year of the composition. In all previous examples the result will be: Violin and Piano Sonata No.5 "Spring" Op.24 in F Major (1801) You can even put all the elements like Opus or Year in a custom tag of your choice on the fly.
  8. I am interested but i live in Europe. Where are you located and how many outouts the clock gives? 50 or 75Ω BNC?
  9. Buy an external hard disk, copy all your music files and send it to me to do the metadata editing.
  10. New Software release available since yesterday!https://musichieu.wordpress.com/201...6-8-more-thumbnails-multi-libraries-searches/
  11. do you use by any chance apple lossless? You could use iTunes to do the sorting for you quite easily...
  12. I use the "Grouping" field to save to categorize albums belonging to big collections, i.e. for the "The Best 100 Blue Note albums".
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