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  1. Noticed that the Import Summary shows that 4 files were skipped (previously determined to be bad.) I'd try re-ripping the CD possibly with another tool and then rescan the library.
  2. Importing files into JRiver is covered on this page of their wiki: https://wiki.jriver.com/index.php/Import It covers many options including auto import setup and options. There are many topics covered there where you should be able to find the answers and support you need. Good luck and hope you find your solution there.
  3. If you have access to Tidal I found it available there: https://listen.tidal.com/album/92622465
  4. While Metrum offers an optional MQA upgrade board to perform the final unfolding (MQA Rendering), their stated position is that it is of no benefit with their DACs due to their NOS design. They claim that the final stage of MQA decoding is to account for distortions caused by oversampling used in most typical DACs, but since theirs are true NOS designs they do not encounter such distortion and therefore don't benefit from such correction. Metrum DACs can still benefit from MQA Core decoding, so those that find it beneficial can use a player which supports such decoding before it is sent to the Metrum DAC.
  5. When the HAP-Z1ES was first released it did not support connection to an external DAC. That capability was added via a firmware update a couple of years later.
  6. This has been discussed by Rob Watts (Chord's digital designer) over at the head-fi forum where he claimed that his hardware solution cannot be equaled in software like HQPlayer. As you'd expect HQPlayer's designer (Miska here) claimed otherwise, that their solution implemented on a suitably powered PC can actually exceed the performance provided by Chord's HW solution. That's a somewhat simplified view of their relative positions from my recollection. Guess it's up to each listener to decide which is best in a given system for themselves as the ultimate test.
  7. Because even though it doesn't play discs, like a transport it plays digital files and provides a digital output to a DAC's input.
  8. Might be a nice enhancement to add the ability to transfer an entire library from one account to another on the same platform.
  9. Maybe this was mentioned previously, but to be clear (given the subject of this thread) the Benchmark AHB2 power amp is not a Class D design. To quote from their website: "The AHB2 has a bipolar class-AB output stage." It uses some unique error cancelling technology and "achieves a power efficiency that rivals that of a Class D (switching) power amplifier."
  10. Seems likely their arrangement with Mike Powell for US distribution and support has an exclusivity agreement on their sales. That only makes sense since there is an expense involved in supporting any product line and his investment should be supported by the company. If you were still able to purchase it direct at a lower price you wouldn't be entitled to get US support if any issues arise, so I think it's a fair trade-off and sounds like only a nominal increase in price. Think of what shipping back to the manufacturer would have cost if you ever encountered an issue and didn't have regional support in the US.
  11. I don't think that's possible, since the details state: "Engineering Samples will be available in January, 2019, and Mass Production starts from May, 2019."
  12. Your input on their pricing is still helpful to prospective buyers and much appreciated.
  13. Actual US pricing is determined by the distributor and is often significantly higher than the standard conversion rate would indicate.
  14. Actually the US list price of the Lumin X1 is $13,990. As Superdad pointed out the Lumin is a complete network streamer/player/DAC (and their top of the line), not just a DAC which the Yggy is.
  15. Can't speak to the Android version, but on the iOS version of the Sony app there are direct alphabetical links along the right edge of the screen.
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