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  1. audio.bill

    Good Class D amps ??

    Maybe this was mentioned previously, but to be clear (given the subject of this thread) the Benchmark AHB2 power amp is not a Class D design. To quote from their website: "The AHB2 has a bipolar class-AB output stage." It uses some unique error cancelling technology and "achieves a power efficiency that rivals that of a Class D (switching) power amplifier."
  2. audio.bill

    Denafrips Prices are up?

    Seems likely their arrangement with Mike Powell for US distribution and support has an exclusivity agreement on their sales. That only makes sense since there is an expense involved in supporting any product line and his investment should be supported by the company. If you were still able to purchase it direct at a lower price you wouldn't be entitled to get US support if any issues arise, so I think it's a fair trade-off and sounds like only a nominal increase in price. Think of what shipping back to the manufacturer would have cost if you ever encountered an issue and didn't have regional support in the US.
  3. audio.bill

    New AK4499EQ Flagship Chip

    I don't think that's possible, since the details state: "Engineering Samples will be available in January, 2019, and Mass Production starts from May, 2019."
  4. Your input on their pricing is still helpful to prospective buyers and much appreciated.
  5. Actual US pricing is determined by the distributor and is often significantly higher than the standard conversion rate would indicate.
  6. audio.bill

    Comparison of 2 DACs

    Actually the US list price of the Lumin X1 is $13,990. As Superdad pointed out the Lumin is a complete network streamer/player/DAC (and their top of the line), not just a DAC which the Yggy is.
  7. audio.bill

    Sony HAP-Z1ES has arrived

    Can't speak to the Android version, but on the iOS version of the Sony app there are direct alphabetical links along the right edge of the screen.
  8. audio.bill

    The "Official" Aurender Discussion Thread

    Haven't we already covered this when you asked earlier and received responses?
  9. audio.bill

    Chords New M -Scaler

    Looks like it should be the recent posts in this thread: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/hugo-m-scaler-by-chord-electronics-the-official-thread.885042/
  10. I hate to be the bearer of bad news... According to the specs of the DS DAC I believe that the only way to feed the DSD layer from SACDs into the DS DAC is via I2S from the matching DS Memory Player, or if you have ability to rip the DSD data into files which can be fed from a server via USB into the DS DAC. As described on the DS DAC's product page, DSD can only be input via DoP as well as raw DSD on I2S and USB inputs. While the I2S input uses an HDMI connector, it is wired differently and is not compatible with a standard HDMI output which you might have thought you could use from the Esoteric DV-50s. You could connect the Esoteric via a coaxial or optical digital output, but that will only transmit the CD resolution data from hybrid SACDs and not the hi-res DSD data. I'm sure that someone will correct me if I'm wrong about this...
  11. audio.bill

    Chord Qutest

    Have you tried to use native DSD instead of DoP? According to Chord's website the Qutest supports native DSD playback up to DSD512.
  12. With all due respect I concur that an Onkyo receiver does not provide an appropriate level of performance to be able to reveal the true potential of the DS DAC. Nothing wrong with it and Onkyo makes a good product, but it will be a bottleneck in the system with a source component like the DS. There's no end to the madness...
  13. Many DSD users have reported similar initial impressions, only to then be thrilled after allowing several hundred hours of burn in. I know it sounds ridiculous to most of us and we'd all like our gear to sound ideal right out of the box with a bit of warm up time, but this piece in particular is known to have a long break in period. As long as you purchased it direct from PS Audio with their 30 day return privilege you have nothing much to lose by giving it a shot to reach its potential before returning it and never really knowing for sure if it would have improved. You don't need to listen to it all that time, just have it locked to an active digital signal and connected to your amp's input, you can even leave the amp (or volume) off. Let it run like that locked to a digital signal 24 hours a day, that's my suggestion. Patience is a virtue, but most audiophiles (myself included) want instant gratification with their system.
  14. Would you care to share exactly which upgraded Ethernet switch you selected? I see the Uptone Audio power supplies listed in your signature but no mention of the switch. TIA
  15. Since you stated that you only listen to PCM, that should be a significant factor favoring the Yggdrasil over the PS Audio. The Yggy's design supports PCM playback exclusively and is optimized accordingly, while the DS DACs convert PCM into DSD and then decode it from the DSD stream.