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  1. Hi, I understand that USBridge signature uses more than 30 LDos to lower the noise floor compared to a standard RPi. As for the RPi Compute Module – does this unit still contain some lower quality LDOs/SMPS-chips? Best regards Stefan
  2. Hi Kirk, I see. The reason for keeping the library completely on an external HDD is that this way I can work on the library on different computers in two different locations. Until now this was quite reliable and probably I should regularly backup the .itl file. This time it was just very little things of editing that I'm loosing, really no problem to repeat that after repair. Thanks again Stefan
  3. Hi Kirk, thanks a lot! Actually the copy on the NAS serves only both as backup and as file basis for LogitechMediaServer running on the NAS; it never gets used with iTunes. My "working" iTunes library, which I use to import, sort and edit albums, is on an external USB HDD. Can this cause such problems? I do it this way for years now and never faced this kind of problem before, though. Best regards Stefan
  4. Hello, this morning my iTunes library got corrupted: On launching, iTunes ( out of the blue messaged something like "Importing ‘iTunes Music Library.xml’", then said something like the xml file would be corrupted and if I would like iTunes trying to repair it – that failed. After that iTunes opened with a handful of albums instead of several hundreds. I can see that both "iTunes Music Library.xml" and "iTunes Library.itl" are much smaller than they were before, .xml was well beyond 100 MB (now 600 KB) and .itl about 20 MB (now 91 KB). If I try to copy the most recent "iTun
  5. Hi, can I use both SPDIF outputs (BNC & RCA) in parallel at the same time and feed two different DACs? Best regards Stefan
  6. You might also want to check soundcheck's comprehensive advice for setting up pCP: https://soundcheck-audio.blogspot.com/2018/01/raspberry-pi-audio-engine-1-introduction.html (part 1-6) Especially part 2: https://soundcheck-audio.blogspot.com/2018/01/raspberry-pi-audio-engine-part-2.html
  7. I'm enjoying an Allo DigiOne signature on an RPi3 since more than a year now. I have been following this thread from the beginning, but still I do not understand if there is any benefit for DigiOne signature users in swapping their standard RPi for a USBridge signature? Like many others I found that a very good LPSU feeding RPi and DigiOne signature makes a nice difference even to batteries and furthermore I found that a Cisco 2960 in front of the RPi gives a nice improvement too. The influence of PSU quality for RPi and the influence of the switch in front of it was a clear indica
  8. soundcheck-audio.blogspot.com Hi Franz, I'm using LMS on a NAS that holds my music library as well and have piCorePlayer on the RPi. Using iPeng as control point I can confirm that the LMS ecosystem is very comfortable and can be very nicely be tailored to one's personal needs by simply activating those of the numerous plug ins available within LMS you're interested in. I actually never tried Moode as squeezelite endpoint instead of pCP but after everyone is praising SQ with Moode, I wonder if it might beat pCP for SQ? Did someone recently do a comparison between the two?
  9. So USBridge signature did not perform considerably better than standard USBridge plus Cisco 2960?
  10. You'll find them for cheap on ebay... Cisco WS-C2960-8TC-L is the unit to go for – the higher number port versions do have a fan inside which should be avoided of course for audio purpose.
  11. Did you find a way to use Cisco 2960 in conjunction with USBridge sig? I liked very much the improvement that the implementation of Cisco 2960 brought up and it would be sad to be forced to forego this step of improvement with USBridge sig.
  12. Thanks for this suggestion - great music! I found two of their CDs in the public library, both samplers with mono recordings of the original trio: "Los Mejores Exitos" released 1997 and "Me voy pa'l pueblo" released 1993. Reminds me much of the spirit of Buena Vista Social Club! Which album are you referring to?
  13. For those in Europe I'd once again throw in the Thel Black Pulsar shunt regulated PSU. I described that before here and I'm still very impressed: https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/49667-allo-digione-signature/page/17/?tab=comments#comment-903620 It is semi DIY: The board is ready for use you need to put it into a case and connect cables to it. If I can do it, anyone can. One advantage of the Black Pulsar is it's got two separate rails, so you have a high quality power source for both clean and dirty side of Digione signature galvanically isolated from one PS
  14. With the help of DVD Fab I could confirm that the Beatles White Album BluRay is not BD+ protected. I made a new backup with MKV the other day, this time I switched off "always create BD+ dumps" in MKV's preferences, which by default is switched on. I have no idea if that is the point or if the first backup was corrupted, anyway with the new backup DVD Audio Extractor could easily extract all audio files.
  15. Hello, I have copied my Beatles White Album Bluray to HDD by using MKV (backup option). Now I want DVD Audio Extractor to rip the audio files from that backup. I can load the MKV backup into DVDae but when I want to start the extraction a window pops up saying: "Can not read the selected audio stream. Blu-ray discs protected with BD+ are not supported." The related FAQ suggests to first make a backup of the disc using MKV to remove the copy protection. But obviously that is what I did already. Any idea what' I might do wrong? Best regards Stefan
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