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Dropouts while streaming music

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Hi all, I'm hoping for some help with an issue I'm having with dropouts when I'm streaming music from my computer to my DAC. Due to limitations in the placement of my PC, I have about a 15ft USB cable running from my computer to my DAC. I'm not sure if this is the issue, but I get frequent dropouts. I either have to play around with the device output settings on my computer or restart the DAC to get music going again. My questions are:

1. Could this be a result of the length of the USB cable

2. Is there a device or solution to my issue.


My system is as follows:


PC running Windows 10

2TB UPnP external hard drive where my music files are stored

Roon Player feeding into Mytek Brooklyn DAC





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You can also try Airfoil to stream wirelessly but downside is streaming with 44.1 kHz max

Music Server(s): Macbook Pro Retina early 2015 - Audirvana+ Qobuz integrated >Music Server Operating System: Mac OS (El Capitan)>Preferred Digital Interface(s): Wireless >Digital to Analog Converter(s): NAD D7050 >Loudspeakers: Dali Ikon 5 MK 2

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