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  1. Is 1Port the same as the Beta? Or did you do anymore tweaking to it?
  2. Condolences to you and your family. We are about to go through the same thing here...it is just time now...
  3. +1 For GIK Excellent products and performance along with superb support. Not a foam lover here....(my own opinion)
  4. Software and hardware integration is always the issue note, I said especially Core Mode for those OS’s
  5. Alex, Excellent description of how your unit operates. Makes perfect sense now for me and my 1.2 and why it is hot compared to my 1.1. Good to hear it is not "too hot".
  6. Traffic is gnarly no matter where you are in the area.....
  7. If not computer savvy, Win Server (12 or 16) should not be attempted, especially Core Mode. That is why MS has Win10.
  8. That is too bad as it is stable. Install was the only issue with the NUC and 2012r2 - drivers. You either have a bad install, or something with the NIC driver. Did you hack the NIC driver to work with the NUC? 2012r2 was not a supported OS for the NUC a couple years back. Have not run a NUC in a bit so maybe Intel updated. There is also component store corruption that can occur when switching back and forth between GUI and Core. Probably why MS decided on Core and GUI only for 2016.
  9. Server 2012 or 2016 in Core mode is VERY stable with Roon.
  10. When you run AO for the first time (or after a Service Tool Reset (from the menu or type st -r), you do not see "S", "C", "E" choices as it goes right into optimization. Once optimizations are completed the computer restarts. If you type AO again, you can change the Sound and Digital Settings, then you will see the Start Over, Continue (run optimizations choices again), or Exit. If you do not like the sound, choose "S" and enter new Sound and Digital Settings. Once you have settings you like type "E" to exit and you are back to a DOS prompt. FYI - Phil covers this in the manu
  11. You do not have to exit when changing sound/digital modes, just choose "S" to start over and choose your new mode. Do this while listening to music as it will give you a good idea what each does.
  12. I believe the "title bar" is not updated when Phil exits the program. No worries, no need to restart.
  13. Latest Win 10 MS creators updated yesterday without a hitch - AO 2.20 Release. Image of system is now done..... Have to love CloneZilla.....
  14. We have to read the manual ??? LOL..... It is a great resource....
  15. To throw another wrinkle into all this discussion... My cheap DVD/CD drive is an external drive. On the same hardware I had two different OS installs (Win 10 and Win 2012r2 Core both using AO) then imaged them for easy restore. using dBPowerAmp, ripped the same song (Accurate Rip) on each OS then copied to NAS. Each and every time when auditioned, without any information on what and why they were listening, everyone picked the 2012 version. Not hear to argue if this is right or wrong, just adding more information to the discussion..... Cr
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