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tinny metallic buzzing noise


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Hey all,


As the title says, i've been getting this intermittent sound artifact mixed into my audio output at random. The best way i can describe it is "tinny, metallic buzzing noise"


It occurs at random (time and duration) and usually goes away after a while (also at random)


Is this a sign of a dying motherboard (i use the integrated audio chips onboard)?

Or is this a sign of damaged speakers / amplifier?


A link to a sound clip of the issue

Playing: buzz.mp3 - picosong



Thanks in advance!

Computer >> Pioneer VSX 520 >> PSB Imagine B

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Should be something with buffers (buffer sizes). I can't direct you to the proper (settings) place, as many buffers exist in the system. But of course you can try any you can find (playback software, driver (control panel)). Start with larger, but also try smaller if it doesn't help.

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