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  1. This will be my final post here. The development over the last few months, culminating in yesterday's announcement, make it clear that my participation is no longer welcome. Congratulations Alex, you finally got what you wanted. @The Computer Audiophile, please delete all my posts. I do not wish to be associated in any way with what this place has become. If anyone wants to get in touch, I'll be hanging out with my new best friend Amir.
  2. You making the post, duh. If you hadn't made the post, it wouldn't have been moved.
  3. It's always the same handful of people. Ban them. Problem solved.
  4. Did you misdirect that reply? I was not the one alleging that people are conspiring via PMs on another forum.
  5. Call it whining if you want. I get annoyed when Alex, One and a half, lasker98, Blackmorec, and a few others start filling up pages in what was until then an interesting thread with insults and other crap. When this happens, they are mostly replying to each other. Ignoring them doesn't help.
  6. And when the reverse happens? Oh, don't bother answering. I know you'll continue to let that slide like you always have.
  7. I'll ask again, when was the last time I replied to one of his nonsense posts?
  8. I brought him up because he has a nasty habit of seeking out threads where I, marce, kumakuma, or Ralf11 have posted, then bringing in his minions to make sure it is thoroughly derailed.
  9. When was the last time I engaged Alex in a confrontational manner?
  10. This is your livelihood. Those are your advertisers.
  11. You mean I don't need to post here any more? I'm definitely considering that.
  12. Yes, I have: ban Alex. He's behind 90% of the disruptive crap going on here.
  13. By sitting at the back of the bus like I'm supposed to?
  14. Are you seriously saying Alex isn't part of the "people who can't have a civil conversation" group?
  15. It is our subjective experience that we are being rounded up and placed in special fenced-off pen. You can't argue against that. If you honestly didn't intend to make us feel ostracised, you have two choices: Undo the changes. Create a similar restricted zone for the crazies (your term) from the other side. As it stands, the message I'm getting is that some of us are considered second-rate people. Why don't you save us all some grief and terminate our accounts right now. We all know that's where this is headed.
  16. Are you seriously expecting Alex to use the new area?
  17. You keep saying that, yet your actions speak strongly to the contrary.
  18. It was you who declared me, marce, and others like us a problem.
  19. Here's something I found with a quick search: "Speaking of jealous, I sort of feel sorry for you. Your life seems so pathetic that all you can muster is complaints that someone has it easier than you. Sucks to be you I imagine. Maybe you should start a "go fund me" and perhaps if you really work it, collect enough funds for a new lolly pop?"
  20. @The Computer Audiophile, surely this isn't tolerated outside the containment zone.
  21. You're missing the point. It's about people using the "you're system isn't resolving enough" attack, often with the implied or explicit addition that the person being attacked can't afford a "proper" system. It may be phrased in terms of someone's kit, but it really is an attack on the person.
  22. The creators of Jewish ghettos might have said the same thing.
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