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  1. https://www.amazon.com/gp/dmusic/desktop/downloadPlayer
  2. It could also be seen as a problem that popularity is heavily skewed towards a handful of artists (and I'm using that term loosely). When a subscriber pays Spotify $10, some of that goes to covering operating costs while the rest is split between Beyonce and Taylor Swift regardless of what the subscriber actually streamed.
  3. It doesn't matter how you distribute the money. The $10 per month people are willing to pay is simply not enough for all the artists to make a living, even if a handful are getting rich in the current scheme.
  4. I thoroughly enjoyed writing my recent piece on the Dragonfly.
  5. Transmission over the internet at high speed agitates the bits and makes them jittery. After downloading a file, it needs to settle for a while before sounding its best.
  6. Playing with mains power is hazardous to yourself. Don't do it. Sorry to be blunt, but you clearly lack the knowledge required to do mains wiring safely.
  7. I wouldn't do that with mains wiring. As for DIY, if you are at all unsure, you should not be touching mains power. It is very dangerous if done incorrectly.
  8. Do MQA streams have the UMG watermark? If not, that is likely why they sometimes are found to sound better even when not obviously from a completely different master.
  9. I hope nobody is contemplating actually connecting devices in series, but rather misusing the term to mean something else. Since power leads generally have exactly two ends with exactly one connector on each end, I'm struggling to understand just what the goal is here.
  10. It is apparently quite common. One reason could be total bandwidth limits in a multi-track system.
  11. I suspect purchases are not high-res even when the streamed version is. Download in that settings page probably refers to cached files for offline playback with the streaming application.
  12. Surely he a can secure permission to release a short sample, say a continent's worth.
  13. Nobody here is trolling you. Take my word for it.
  14. A band member I discussed this with a while ago said they made most of their money from commercial licensing. The revenue breakdown probably varies a lot depending on type of music, popularity level, and whatnot.
  15. Are you saying they would have done this for Chris while refusing Mark Waldrep? Why?
  16. No, a sigma-delta modulator is only used when reducing bit depth. Converting from 1-bit DSD to a regular number format is as simple as replacing all 1 bits with the largest positive value and all 0 bits with the largest negative value. DSP operations then work as usual, be it volume control, EQ, or something else.
  17. There is practically nothing one can do to a DSD file without involving multi-bit intermediate values. Changing the sample rate necessarily involves an SDM step, and the modulator uses multi-bit maths. What Roon probably mean is that they don't resample to a "typical" PCM rate such as 192 kHz, even if they do use multi-bit values. I really don't see the point in these word games.
  18. The law is never quite that clear-cut. By your reasoning, cloud storage would be illegal.
  19. OK, 5.4 Mbps is also within reason for the compressed bit rate. I agree that 3.7 Mbps seems low. Maybe its the average rate of the whole high-res catalogue with a mix of 96 kHz and 192 kHz.
  20. What someone else might do without your (prior) knowledge shouldn't be your problem. You can legally lend someone a book without them first signing a promise not to make a copy for themselves.
  21. Is the neighbour also is in said bedroom?
  22. Raving about the birth of a new world in print and online is now "private use"?
  23. How did you arrive at 5400? Uncompressed 192 kHz 24-bit stereo is 9.2 Mbps. With FLAC compression it usually ends up in the 4-5 Mbps range.
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