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  1. The 5.20 firmware supposedly fixes some minor issues like pops when switching between PCM and DSD. See the release notes for details. If you're not experiencing any problems, there's no need to upgrade. Then again, if it would give you peace of mind, go ahead. I guess they stopped paying for their own section. No idea why.
  2. At high temperatures in an atmosphere rich in fluorine or chlorine it could.
  3. The S version simply has an additional capsule to enable stereo pickup. They should otherwise have the same sound signature.
  4. The comments suggest that might be a knock-off. Probably better to get it directly from Apple: https://www.apple.com/shop/product/MU7E2AM/A/usb-c-to-35-mm-headphone-jack-adapter
  5. The authentication works by computing a BLAKE2s hash over the PCM data and embedding and RSA signature of this hash in the LSB. The decoder computes the same hash and checks that the signature matches using the public key. It can't be faked.
  6. DoP is method of packing DSD data in PCM samples. It allows sending DSD over links that don't ordinarily support it, such as S/PDIF. It is also needed on MacOS since the drivers there know nothing about DSD. With firmware prior to 5.3, white indicates 352.8/384 kHz PCM. DSD should produce other colours. DXD is a marketing term for 352.8 kHz 24-bit PCM. Nor can I. 5.20 presumably has some bug fixes compared to earlier versions. If it's working as is, there's probably no need to upgrade.
  7. Chris didn't want me to make such judgements. That said, I wouldn't call the performance abysmal as such, even though it is apparently surpassed by the $9 Apple dongle.
  8. Those are DSD64 (2822400 = 64 * 44100). You don't need the special firmware for those. Also, I misremembered the confusing numbering. 5.20 is the version you want. Are you sure JRiver isn't converting DSD to PCM?
  9. A modified CD format with 24-bit samples could of course be created, but it would need new players. To fake the authentication, you need the secret signing key, and you'll have to pry that out of Bob's cold, dead hands.
  10. You seem to be commenting on the wrong article.
  11. The clock recovered by typical S/PDIF receivers has much higher jitter anyway, the best specs I've seen being 50 ps rms.
  12. The AQ cable has higher capacitance and/or inductance. Both figures are well within spec.
  13. If you need DSD256 using DoP, get 5.2B. Otherwise get 5.2A.
  14. The evolution of the ESS lineup is mildly interesting. Starting out in generic PC audio, they meandered considerably with products as diverse as modems and DVD processors. Eventually, they settled on audiophile DACs and a few supporting chips. Presumably, the profit margins were best there.
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