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Furthermore, recalling from a Climbing friend's Posting, last year :

Ashima Shiraishi is 14 years old. She's also the first woman and youngest climber of either gender to climb a sport route with a difficulty grade of 9a+ (5.15a). We spent a day with her in New York City as she discussed her ambitions and embarrassed grown men in the gym.



And, subsequently, reading The New Yorker's piece—an extract :

Though still a girl, and very much under the sway of her father, Ashima is shrewd about her career and oddly self-sufficient where business is concerned. She has had no professional representation of any kind. She handles her own press. When she has had to sign contracts, her parents review them, but because they don’t read English very well, she said, “they have no idea what’s going on.” Just before Christmas, however, she met with RXR Sports, the agency that represents the free soloist Alex Honnold and many other climbers, to discuss the possibility of her becoming a client.


As with gymnastics and figure skating, there are many cases of climbing prodigies, especially girls, who are phenoms at twelve and done by twenty...



an accurate picture

Sono pessimista con l'intelligenza,


ma ottimista per la volontà.

severe loudspeaker alignment »




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