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What now I wonder

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Hey Bob - Here is what I would do since I hate having new pieces of gear sit around unused :-)


I would connect it locally via USB or FireWire and start using Time Machine. There is really nothing to it, but at least you'll have a backup of all your stuff. Who knows, you may be perfectly happy leaving it connected and decide not to go the Airport Extreme route. The first TM backup will take a while, but subsequent backups will be seamless and go really fast.


This way if you decide you still want to get the AE you will have a baseline to compare it to. Locally connected backup disk and noise v. AE connected disk & slower backup times.


Or, perhaps the best option right now is to get outside and enjoy the weather this afternoon. Slightly overcast but a nice 60 degrees. Not bad.


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I forgot to hook -up to the internet when I plugged in Seagate and ran the MacInstall and Time Machine programs.I then did,but am having troubles following commands etc.Can you call sometime?651-225-1399,thanks,Bob



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