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  1. If they ever go to handles,I wonder if they'll be blue too?Beautiful,I'll bet Jerry has em on order aye?........adios brother
  2. Hello,can offer 300$ and I pay all ship/ins.Thanks for your time,Bob
  3. I was hoping to see handles on these battleships one day but I guess keep on hoping.Lovely lines as usual.
  4. Can do 1400$ and I pay all ship/ins.Thanks for your time,Bob...952-831-1320
  5. Truly sorry.I would be looking for a SS or tube amp.If you want to chat,I am at 952-831-1320,thanks again,Bob
  6. The 1st commandment is never drink and type in the same day.Very poor form exhibited even when one is right much less wrong.CA will still be No.1 after the fireworks regardless.....
  7. Gil-Scott has a voice almost like Lou Rawls.....deep,many levels of pitch etc....you know what I mean.....check out "The bottle"...." Winter in America".......his best stuff is from the mid 70's.......he's much more a poet,singer than a rapper.......I guesstimate 1 of 5 here will dig him.....cheers men,James
  8. Chris,hello,Bob here.Long time no.........thanks for this and all you do,keep up the good work,adieu,Bob
  9. It will be just fine,still using a 09 model with great results via USB to a Bel Canto DAC,cheers,Bob
  10. Bel Canto has some really good stuff.I'm still using a 5 yr old DAC 111 and it is excellent.Good luck,Bob
  11. are mentioned.I like the ARC 100.2 amp from what I have read.I bought an amp about 6 months ago made in Germany you can see their website at http://www.hifi.net.Stunning is the sound,equal to the best SS I have heard.Ayre,Mac,Gamut etc. and this one is cool running and sounding good after all this time.Mail me for any info.Some good reviews at Enjoy the Music can help a brother out also,good luck,Bob
  12. I also was going to comment on no USB but dont need to be redundant I guess.Thanks for the review,splendid as usual,cheers,Bob
  13. Chris,glad you got to visit another major player in the game.Been looking at their thin CNC sculptured amps and preamps for years.Did you see them or hear them?Would of loved to view their insides.Next time!Thanks again,Bob
  14. Chris,hello,Bob here from Mpls.Just wanted to say thanks again for the pictures and thoughts from the show.For those of us who dont go its a real treat,cheers,B
  15. Hello,did you read my entire mail?Im not sure where it is.I put it in TITLE....
  16. ....recommend First Sound.The best built,best sounding piece I've seen.No remote or balanced outs,cheers,Bob
  17. ....dictates this won't be a problem.Ebay or a hundred others with deep-pockets will be able to postpone this decision forever.In the months it takes to implement this is when it will fade away.As the saying goes,its not the law,its who interprets it.....cheers,C. Darrow
  18. one of the best sites around.The expertise shown here by the members and Chris is top shelf regardless of personal computer skills.Thanks again men,cheers,Bob
  19. ....about starting with speakers.Get an American amp. CJ,Mac,Audio Research so no problems when issues arise.If they do at all.Good luck,Bob
  20. This is the first time in the last dozen years where someone thought 80 for a PC was expensive.This is one strange trip but I love it,Happy New Year,Bob
  21. Not nearly as sexy.That other was almost Zanden-like.More like a 4K unit rather than a 400$ piece.Ah well,I see another fellow this weekend is going to audition 2 different PS for the mac mini.Should be interesting.Nice system you have,good to hear from you,thanks,Bob
  22. Thats great news as I was today speakinbg with a man from So Cal who is building PS's for the mac mini.Cost is 400$,I do not have any good info/feedback yet from new owners.Hopefully we will hear from you quite soon and good luck,Bob
  23. I have not seen unit from him.Just mail back and forth today with general ramblings.That one from you is a beauty.Is it yours?Do you have an upgraded PS for the MM?Thanks for the tip,Bob
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