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Focal Sopra No2

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Has anyone listened to the Focal Sopra No2 speakers? What do you think of them compared to the Electra 1038Be. They look pretty interesting to me. Trying to locate a dealer who has them so I can listen to them. Seriously thinking it's time for an upgrade. Wonder how they will sound using Marantz 8801 processor and either an Aragon 200 watt per channel amp or Marantz MM8077 which is 150 watts per channel. Which amp do you think who sound better. I am guessing the older Aragon. I am interest to hear everyone's opinions. Thanks. Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving.

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The measurements look promising so I guess it's worth giving them a listen:


SoundStageNetwork.com | SoundStage.com | NRC Measurements: Focal Sopra No2 Loudspeakers


Whenever I wish to upgrade my speakers I always focus on their shortcomings and try to shortlist a few models that are likely to improve on them.

What are your complaints with regards to the 1038Be set?



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The Sopra No2 are one of the best speakers out there at any price.

Reviews are very favorable and it has been the most talked about speaker this year.


From what I heard Focal did a review of the speaker design from ground up and the new driver is a gem. I missed having a listen at a recent audio show but a friend of mine with much better knowledge of speakers than me, spotted them and said they were the best speakers he has heard in a long time. This was in a completely open hall with all the different Focal models just lined up against a back wall. This guy doesn't give faint praise.


Definitely worth consideration in any speaker purchase. Many think the Sopra No2 are special.



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From reviews and a couple of demos they are good speakers.... However I would question if a Marantz AV8801 is going to get the best out of them. The last I heard was with Naim NAC-N 272 and NAP250DR costing the best part of £7k vs £10k for the speakers.



...in my opinion / experience...

While I agree "Everything may matter" working out what actually affects the sound is a trickier thing.

And I agree "Trust your ears" but equally don't allow them to fool you - trust them with a bit of skepticism.

keep your mind open... But mind your brain doesn't fall out.

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I was reading the review at Soundstage and a few things pierced my eyes:


"In fact, “Some Peace of Mind,” with Bobby Womack, and a few other tracks are a tad bright, which I thought might give the No2’s tweeter some trouble -- already, I could tell that the speaker’s very top end was a touch hot, a voicing characteristic of other Focal speakers I’ve heard. These days, my reference for neutrality is KEF’s Reference 1 ($7499/pair), and the No2 was a bit more lively in the extreme highs. Yet despite being tipped up, the No2’s top end sounded as clean and clear as the best metal-dome tweeters I’ve heard, which could be why I didn’t find its prominent highs as bothersome as speakers whose raised highs make them sound bright, even edgy. The No2 sounded utterly clean, no matter what music I played. Its rising top end was also likely responsible for the speaker’s incisive, exciting sound."


I would still audition them but...

Reviewers are always very polite when it comes to criticising; lot's of "bits", "tads" and "touches".



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When I auditioned them with the D'Agostino electronics driving them I found them initially to be very "impressive" sounding with great dynamics and imaging. After listening for a while longer I found them to be a bit tiring and too aggressive for my choice in a speaker that I'd enjoy living with in the long term. Substituting a pair of Sonus faber Guarneri Evolution monitors was much more to my liking, musically involving, very smooth and engaging for long term listening. No they didn't have the bass extension that the Sopra 2s did, but they were still overall a better choice to my ear. While many listeners love the new Sopra speakers, I have spoken to several others who agree with my assessment and have preferred the more musical balance of other speakers. This just shows once again how subjective high end audio really is, and that it's important to hear equipment for yourself before making any decisions on what to purchase. Fortunately we have many great choices these days to choose from!

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