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PLaying 4xDSD on foobar


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I have an ifi microDAC2 and want to play back a quad-rate DSD file in foobar2000. I have installed the SACD component in foobar (most recent version) and am able to play single- and double-rate DSD. When I try to play a quad-rate file, the status bar at the lower left says 256 but the file just sits there and won't play; no error messages.


In output/asio I have selected foo_dsd_asio, chosen the ifi usb driver, and set the playback rate at 256 in the pulldown at the lower right of the dialog. For those who aren't familiar with the ifi microDAC2, it does handle 4x DSD.


1) To confirm: does foobar support 4x DSD? I thought it did but maybe not.

2) If it does, any ideas of what I'm doing wrong?

3) If it does not, what other Windows players are available that handle quad DSD?



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I do have two albums in DSD256, but can not check for native playback, as my Mytek DAC only supports up to DSD128.

But they do play fine when converted (on the fly) to 176,4/24 PCM (with foo_input_dsd plugin).


Could you post some screenshots of your Foobar settings? Maybe there is a problem in the setup.

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Thank you, Synfreak. I will post screenshots later today. But the fact that I can play DSD64 and 128 suggests that I have done everything correctly overall; the one specific setting that might make a difference would be setting the playback rate in the asio control panel of the ifi DAC, and that is indeed set to 256.

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I figured it out. My other DAC requires DoP, but the just-purchased ifi handles DSD natively. I forgot to change the setting from DoP to Native mode. My one solitary 4x DSD file now plays :)


I guess that DoP is limited to DSD128 -- is that right? Why else would DSD64 and 128 play with DoP enabled, but 256 would not?

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Hi magister, your iFi micro iDAC2 supports DoP DSD256 playback with v5.0 Strawberry firmware. you should check ifi-audio download page, there is a link to download the latest iFi XMOS Firmware. Also I'd like to add, small buffer size such as 50 ms should be specified to play DoP DSD256 correctly on iFi device.

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