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So I wiped my External Hard Drive..........

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accidently. Sort of. I was experimenting with daisy chaining 2 Western Digital My Books and looking at Disk Manager in Leopard. I discovered that I could turn my 2 drives into a RAID 1 storage device. Except that to do that I would have to wipe both hard drives. So I passed on the RAID 1. Then I decided to wipe my secondary drive and back up all my newly ripped music.


I wiped the wrong drive. There was 20% more music on the drive that I wiped.


So, I decided that now was as good of a time as ever to re-rip all my music on RAID 1 storage. Do everything in WAV this time.


Now I have 1200 CDs to rip. Again.


Also, I moved the hard drives to the bottom of my cabinet. The vibrations resonated on the wood very loudly. I have a 18x18 sheet of refrigerator vibration dampening material (rubber-cork-rubber) that I placed them on with some Black Diamond Racing cones. Quiet as a mouse and barely any heat.




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I'm sorry for your misfortune but your phrase cracked me up. Reminds me of when I was a little kid "I accidently, sort of, kinda knocked the lamp off the table."


May your re-ripping go smoothly.




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Hey Mike - Ouch!


I do have a suggestion for you on the re-rip. I highly recommend using AIFF instead of WAV on your Mac. AIFF supports album art and meta data well beyond the capability of WAV. They are both uncompressed perfect copies of the original CD.


If you don't want to rip it yourself there is a CA member here that offers this ripping service. All his customers have been extremely pleased. Do a search here for ripping service or something similar if you're interested.


I love your solution for reducing the vibration etc... Who would have thought the antiquated world of high end audio would bring benefits to the world of computing!


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