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  1. I'm getting ready to order a QNAP. Anyone have an opinion on whether a RAM upgrade from 4 to 8 is worthwhile for this applications? Thanks
  2. Thank you, David. Outside of the basic functionality, affecting the sound is my concern. If that means more money it is justified. I talked to QNAP and they recommend their TS 253 B for the application. It is a quad core Celeron processor. I believe the 563 recommended above is an AMD. I don't know if that's significant in terms of sound. I'm backed up in three different physical locations and have been for years. Some of my stuff is irreplaceable. If lightning hits me, my mother, and another location at the same time there are forces at work that I can't fight.... I'm obvio
  3. I'm thrilled for you to wash your hands of me. It's actually a goal. I asked you a question regarding your recommendation. Notably you didn't answer it, just went into your attack mode which I learned years ago is your style. I couldn't possibly care less about your opinion of cables or anything else for that matter. Your kind of fragile ego that has an obviously overwhelming need to dominate is both pathetic and tiring. Bye.
  4. Ah, now I remember why I haven't been here in six years. Lots of great people. And Plissken. I asked a question. I suppose in your world, I didn't fall to my knees and unquestionably take your advice. Since purchasing my existing gear I've lost most of my vision. Money is more of a concern since I'm disable. Sorry if you don't approve. I don't either. I get a $4,000 injection in my eyes once a month not covered by insurance. Re: the cable thing, we've had some pretty unpleasant conversations about this in the past. First of all, it's none of your business what I choose. Secondly, m
  5. Thanks, Kal. I'm perfectly willing to spend money where it counts but I really didn't know about this part. What works fine for normal file transfers doesn't always work well for audio. Thanks for the reply.
  6. For the record, for some reason the site isn't reflecting the changes I made to my system. DAC is now a Berkeley Audio Design. An Aurender B100H replaced the Mac. I doubt if people here care about the rest of the system. Except for Plissken and the cables, of course.
  7. You're wrong about the cabling, of course, but I replied to the rest of your comment a moment ago.
  8. Thanks. Is that a bit of an overkill for what I'm trying to do? If that's what needs to be spent, so be it. but.... Referring to the Qnap, know the Synology name but haven't checked yet. I guess my real question is what is needed to get a good result. I've used the feed from a couple of home automation systems I was working with and the sound quality was noticeably degraded. Plug a local drive into his Mac mini and it was fine. Connect the ethernet from his automation, extremely expensive setup, and it was nasty. No dropouts, just sounded bad. I assumed jitter issues. Thanks for your respo
  9. Hi. Been away for a long time. I'm very familiar with high end audio and have been doing computer playback since the early days but have always kept it very simple. I would like to use a NAS at my home I'm getting ready to move in to. Have always used stand alone hard drives and would probably continue but I'm now using an Aurender N-100H and need to stream into it for storage reasons. I figure about 8TB (4/4), wired is fine, it will be in a separate area so noise is not a major concern. At a meeting once, Chris told the president of Classe and John Atkinson of Stereophile that, although an
  10. The high end Charmin stuff. Anything else, you might as well just wipe your butt with it....
  11. Hi George - Thanks for the quote. It's even closer now. But first of all, you found something that does a great job of connecting you to your music and that's really what counts. My post is a little out of date now. My current setup is an Audio Research REF5SE with an Ayre VX-5 Diamond power amp. It really does it for me. If you want a little more of the solid state sound (the amp is SS with no negative feedback) ARC's LS27, a hybrid, does a nice job of giving you the solid state drive with the finesse and organic feel of tubes. And only two tubes to replace every four years or so. Tha
  12. It started with Amarra. I could go to iTunes and play without Amarra. Now it's both. I sent you a message, actually the second, this one stating that I brought it to work with me today. Mac mini, external drive, peripherals, no DAC. It is running fine. I rebooted it numerous times, tried every combination I could think of with the exception of trying to play a CD in the optical drive. No idea.
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