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In desperate need of help! Dual monitors audio nightmare!

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Ok, I have tried everything I can and researched every possible site and article...so frustrated


I have a ASUS desktop PC. 32" Samsung TV as my monitor, connected with HDMI to my PC. All audio works just fine. However, when I plug in my 2nd 32" TV (as a 2nd monitor) using DVI (out from PC) to HDMI (input on TV) my audio immediately stops working. There are no adapters, it is just a straight cable, DVI on one side and HDMI on the other.


When I right click on my sound icon in the taskbar and select "playback devices" it shows "Samsung, high definition audio device, default device"..... and when I plug the 2nd cable (DVI/HDMI) it automatically switched to that as the default...and DVI doesn't support audio... so how to I make it stay on my Samsung (HDMI/HDMI) so that I can have 2 monitors and sound????

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