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  1. Maybe look to the comments that came before mine if your looking for the source of the problem.
  2. You should get a REGEN tattoo, or start selling REGEN shirts and hats. It's sure seems like it's the ONLY device in your audio chain that matters. Little do you realize, swapping out a 30 cent resistor in your speaker Xover would likely make a bigger difference.
  3. There's some amazing SD card transports out there for well under $1000. They blow away any computer connected via USB. The GUI's aren't as fancy as on a PC, but if sound quality matters most, it's a good way to go. They are still much much better than using a CD transport.
  4. I really have a hard time seeing how understanding which interfaces are superior would make me unhappy. I have an even harder time understanding why you guys have minds that are so closed that you refuse to acknowledge this fact. Actually I'm smiling ear to ear enjoying the pure I2S/DSD coming of the SD card transport in my DAC.
  5. The amount of willful blindness in this industry is outstanding. It would be nice to see more people open to their best interests.
  6. Yeah looks like the USB power is just used to power part of the board. This board (on the left side of the Amanero) is a great design because it derives 100% of its power from the clean galvanically isolated side of the board. It also uses far better clocks. Also note that the Amanero has no Galvanic isolation.
  7. Actually with a closer look, it looks like he's powering straight to the LDO instead of going through the other power input, with a toggle switch in the signal path. This way he utilizes the onboard LDO.
  8. I also see he's powering it from the USB bus. Big no no for best performance.
  9. I'm pretty sure that includes the Amanero. Either way he uses a very high end clock. Worth every penny.
  10. I'd have Acko's reclocker installed in that case in under 10 mins.
  11. No he goes straight off the stock Amanero into the DAC board. Huge potential for upgrades. Plus tons of real estate in the enclosure.
  12. Yes it's bone stock. I've seen pictures. The Lampi's are like real good DIY DAC's that sell on the commercial market. But it's a good thing because of the modularity and easy upgrade potential.
  13. The Amanero is a separate board mounted in the case. It's an extremely easy addition to add that would take about 10 minutes to install. It could also be returned back to stock form easily. But yes will take some soldering. It's an option that they should offer from the factory as the Amanero has mediocre clocks. I should start a Lampi mod service. Double the quality for a couple hundred $.
  14. It wouldn't take much skill for anybody to upgrade the Amanero on their own. Lots of interface options out there. No need to wait just to pay more. For example buy one of Acko's Amanero reclockers. It would drastically improve the sound of your Lampi connected via USB.
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