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TTW Technics 1200 Record Clamp (for removing warps and distortion from vinyl records)

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Hi folks,


Just letting you know that there's a new Kickstarter on for a TTW Technics 1200 Outer Periphery Record Clamp. This device helps remove warps and distortion from old vinyls.



Looks like it could be a good idea, however, I am somewhat skeptical of the record they used for the video demonstration. I don't pretend to know what label the group in the demo records for, but the record itself looks like what we used to called a "DynaWarp" disc - which was a disparaging pseudonym for the RCA "Dynaflex" process that resulted in very thin, light records which looked as if they would warp if one looked at them wrong. These records were so thin and flexible, that I have no doubt that a weighted ring of this type could easily straighten one out. However what would it do with say, a warped 200 gram disc? 'nuff said!


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