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iTunes, naming and iPod to X3ii woes

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Acquired a 2nd gen X3 - happy with it in general - but - I think I have a problem of my own making and having a hard time coming up with a solution


1) In order to overcome itunes limitations with Classical music, came up with a naming/tagging scheme of my own - Worked well with my ipod - allowed me to organize music by composer, also identifying each track/movement etc...


2) However, ended up with pretty long directory and file names - ipod/itunes seems to handle it.


3) When copying those files to the X3 storage, problems start - long directory and/or filenames causes the X3 to lock or not play the file. Problem goes away as soon as file is shortened


Short of tackling a massive renaming project of almost 2TB of music, want to ask the group if any ideas come to mind on how to deal with this. Used both Dapper and rsync to copy files - both over USB and straight into the SD card (mounted on Mac OS X) - Dapper did some special character substitution, but problem still remained


Very general/open question I know - but I am at my wit's end...


1) Any X3 related tweaks I can try? Tried formatting the SD card as NTFS, but the X3 locked constantly - Any other?

2) Any software to automatically truncate will copying?

3) Any other techniques you know?

4) Most importantly, is my naming scheme stupid? :-(


Thanks in advance for your kind help...



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