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  1. https://www.npr.org/2020/10/22/926717787/amazing-escape-artist-magician-and-skeptic-james-randi-dead-at-92 https://gizmodo.com/james-randi-offers-1-million-if-audiophiles-can-prove-305549 RIP :( v
  2. Well, I do understand how ASR can rub people the wrong way. I remember when the fine peeps at ASR were losing their shit over the Yggy glitch.... Kept looking at the graphs and was thinking "well, this is obviously beyond any human's hearing thresholds - what is the big deal?" - yet well, it was a big deal over at ASR... ah well - nobody's perfect, but all in all, we need ASR - they help keep manufacturers honest... v
  3. Just saw this thread - so I will answer to the Origin Post. Cannot limit myself to one female and one male - the human voice is too rich for that 1.- Birgit Nilsson 2.- Christa Ludwig 3.- Kathleen Ferrier 4.- Franco Corelli 5.- Herman Prey/Hans Hotter (tie) 6.- Gottlob Frick/Hans Hotter/Nicolai Ghiaurov (tie) v
  4. Pi4 + https://www.allo.com/sparky/digione-signature.html or https://www.allo.com/sparky/usbridge-signature-pcb.html Pi4 + http://www.pi2design.com/pi2aes.html or all together (configurable) https://www.allo.com/sparky/usbridge-signature-player.html v
  5. I kind of stopped following this thread and I see it has moved way beyond where we were when I did - BUT Have to mention this - and I think is applies to this one instead of opening a new one: https://www.analogplanet.com/content/electric-recording-company-tackling-previnlsos-epic-shostakovich-symphony-no-13-babi-yar Whatever you think of ERC - at least they know the issues and found the proper decoders - not EQ, real Dolby A! v
  6. He - I admit I did not know about it If someone showed me this article without letting me know the publication OR the date, my first guess would be "The Onion" - that said, this article is from 1982! I am sure things have changed now... I hope... have they? v
  7. Love how Trent Reznor humbly declared that the song was never his... once Cash started singing, realized that it was the man in black's all along... v
  8. This is a family forum, people! oh... wait a second... I also do not know.... v
  9. Again, evidence has to be shown by them (Uptone, Audioquest, Noordost, etc). Ah well, let's agree to disagree. I recommend instead to stop and listen to the DaniIl Trifonov's latest Rach releases.... v
  10. Err - built in China is a baseline - EVERYTHING IS BUILT THERE - all things being equal, better you spend your hard earned bucks on records or books, than in a Noordoost... (dang I said I was gonna stop - the argumentative jerk part of me cannot - nice guy part of me will try) v
  11. hi Chris! Haha you got it! I am SO BRIGHT I SHIT LIGHT ! I turn off my computer and lights while not working or in the room. Power Systems are smart but is better just to turn them off! Use of resources is not waste of resources and I use them to crush it at work and make the world a better place. Logic and evidence? Well - I think I explained it... since I cannot make a paper, have it peer reviewed and show that I am right, I guess we'll agree to disagree... Good job on the forums, still a lot of fun... v
  12. Haha - should get back to work instead of replying! It is not your business to dictate what is my business ! But no, seriously, of course not, otherwise I would be campaign to make a law against cable more expensive that Monoprice's (or well, I will give you BlueJeans cables). BUT, is detrimental to society that someone waste resources due to magical thinking. That's makes it my business in a sense, especially because, like I said before, I consider it part of the modern day stance against science. Free to disagree, of course. But I hope you don't - and specially, that at least i
  13. Ah - you just hit the crux of the biscuit - That is how is done! Someone comes up with a technical narrative. Sometimes is really sophisticated, heady stuff. Within that narrative, there will be several hypotheses on how sound quality can be affected by what is described within the narrative. Those are immediately considered as issues to be fixed. So manufacturer goes on and engineers (or overengineers) a device. And goes and say - hey, we solved these hypothetical issues, therefore IT SOUNDS FANTASTIC! Something very basic is missing, right? Where did you prove it wa
  14. 1.- Indeed - however illogical it might seem to you. Wasting resources is bad for society in general, even if you, the individual, want it and can afford it. 2.- Never said that. The statement was supposed to be more specific, though - debate is needed, over there, at the General Forum, at the Uptone review comments, etc, not balkanized here, where we are preaching to the converted and easily deflecting claims of not having "resolving systems", accusations of "only" having "mid-fi" equipment and other "mine was expensive so it's better" arguments. I rather you s
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