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  1. Indeed - a good sign. But to me, the light at the end of the tunnel will be when Spotify Hifi comes out. IF it is not MQA - that's all she wrote for MQA. Here's hoping v
  2. 1.- The stuff posted is from Linkedin - public info. If you can google the answer, well, public info. I think Chris was 100% appropriate in his query. 2.- To me, Chris' question was also VERY useful - it reminded me of the ties between Meridian and Roon and help me with my epiphany of why I am always pummeled by moderators when I point out the crap MQA is trying to pull at the Roon forum... v
  3. Thanks - I guess I could have googled that - again, thanks for taking the time. I tend to see the forums as conversation, and in a conversation you go with what you have - :D thanks! Anyways, I see this: "Meridian Audio agreed to transfer the company’s software applications business to the newly established entity." So from the looks of it was not the employees striking out on their own. like the AKG headphone employees in Austria - it was a spin off, even if the announcement is not clear about it... Again, that I explain things over at the Roon forum - think I a
  4. This is more a comment than an answer. I have a vague recollection that Roon was spun off from Meridian or something like that (and ashamed that is vague, because I think it was last week that I read something like that, but well, memory...), so it makes sense that it might be a relationship, even if Stuart is a fairly common name... It would be interesting to confirm... or if not interesting, at least it would explain things over at the Roon forum. v
  5. Well - haven't checked to forum for a long time... First of all, lemme take the opportunity, RIP @sandyk ; he certainly made the forum better and obviously, IRL an outstanding person. Condolences to his family. Cannot say anything but that I hope that time brings healing - the memories will remain. OK So apologies is this has been posted before - did a quick search and could not find... as usual, this is interesting... I am specially interested in his comments re: build of Audioquest. As I confessed on previous posts, in the past I "treated" myself to a couple o
  6. The plural of vinyl is vinyl, indeed @Irbreann Definitely - Record Doctor IV ( I believe poster refers to it, if not, apologies) is the least expensive option that really works. Their solution works, but I prefer Audio Intelligent. There is the SpinClean - but I never had success - yes, records look clean but always ended up with more pops. Thinking the culprit was residue from their solution (always used distilled water, different brands), but for the life of me could never solve why I had such result while so many people swore by it. Moved to the Record
  7. NEVER - Anyone using the word should be flogged with a spaghetti noodle until it hurts. That said, that was a weird question to ask at the site formerly known as "Computer Audiophile"... or maybe that was the intention on the name change? :D v
  8. I like Amir's YouTube Channel - is very informative and interesting. v
  9. Have to chime in - schadenfreude is an emotion. Science is a systematic approach to knowledge. Totally valid to use science to uncover knowledge/facts to feed the schadenfreude. In fact is useful. Not saying that schadenfreude is good, but if measurements show that there is no difference between a $10K dac and a $100 one, there will be schadenfreude about the peep that spent the $10K - specially if he (and will be a he) equates economic ability with superior hearing, or worse, taste or even worse, goodness... so yes, schadenfreude thru science... not disguised, a tool for schadenfreude...
  10. AHH - Pages and pages of discussion... Opposing sites, many flame wars... THIS IS THE CRUX OF THE BISCUIT (to quote Frank Zappa) IMHO - Hasn't been done. Very hard to do without the rigor that such a thing requires. It remains an opinion. You hit it right int he head. v
  11. Don't get the comment, I gotta say. While I appreciate Han's channel and his support for Pi-HiFi, he is definitely on the other side of the argument that Amir is making. Hans believes on audiophile switches so much that made a response video to the responses to his EtherRegen ( did I get it the name right? ) review where he says he believes it make things sound better. Doubled down on the response video. Unless you are talking production values or "on-air" personality? - not sure - these are hobbyists promoting their opinion... no opinion really, but, well, does not matter that
  12. Not sure about this one - is relevant to the discussion, I think, but not sure if it violates forum policies... again, thinking that as notable news should be OK, but, well, up to Chris I guess. Feel free to remove/move/etc https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWp1NY1KXGwcOh1RxKp_-FA I specially liked this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHPwPRLxDWc v
  13. Can someone please move this thread to Objective-Fi so I can answer to this? :D v
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