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  1. Oh sure - Isochronus vs. bulk - etc - right - sure - there is a chance errors affect FIDELITY - sure... maybe. However the joke - and the subjective folklore around fancy digital cables is about ENHANCEMENT. That's what is and why is funny. v
  2. The conversation has moved pretty far from the Original Post - some things I wanna say, though 1.- I think the idea of connecting a printer using audiophile data cable is extremely funny - made me chuckle as soon as I saw the picture 2.- Of course the next step in the joke had to be making claims about the quality of the printer! Very funny too 3.- But there is some food for thought - frankly, the claims re: the quality of the printing with the fancy cables sound silly and it is easy to explain why those cables in fact would not make a difference. YET, why is there a full segment of another industry (audio) making those claims regarding what is essentially just the same kind of data? Then you had to talk about the audiophile industry before digital and how it adapted to it - and how it tries to double down on principles from the analogue era by applying them to digital even if they were shaky enough for analogue. v
  3. Dang - maybe read the thread in a too cursory manner - always embarrassing to miss sarcasm - feel dumb - no shame in admitting it. Reason I should keep lurking v
  4. Ha! - Finished the thread - no reaction other than mine! - ah well - still think is an example of why things become uncivil pretty fast, all the time. Back to lurking v
  5. We need to define value here - which is hard. I have been trying to stay out of this, but I just want to say that this post is one example of why the fray keeps getting hotter. Because really, since there is no agreed definition of what "value" is, all it means that @pkane2001 disagrees with everyone in the objective side. To phrase in terms of "value", turns that idea into an insult. Haven't read the whole thread yet, since I came to it a bit late - but I assume this post will have reactions - let's see! 🍿 v
  6. Hate to see @bernardperu and others going through this, specially since the amounts are significant. Good luck with that. Sorry to ask, but, I remember hearing that Kickstarter and IndieGogo are not exactly.. hmm not sure how to put it... your are not buying anything... is kind of like an investment... so I have heard that people that get stuck in failed campaigns, are not owed anything and should treat it like investment losses - is that accurate? I hope is not the case, but if its, at least from now on, I won't even consider putting money in those kind of things - I actually considered and almost put money on LH products - glad I did not. v
  7. Just a few comments - l have mentioned elsewhere, have decided to mellow out re: the audio wars, so in general, the proposed rules seem reasonable, given that disagreement always turn into a brawl. 1.- Would still love to see some level of discussion - the balkanization of users might turn the forum into the Absolute Sound letters section. Again, nothing wrong with that, but it might make it less fun. 2.- Self policing plays a part - Seems that some members are unable to do it because her/his brain cannot cope with someone that aggressively opposes that person's point of view and won't change her/his mind. So things get ugly sometimes pretty fast. But self policing won't happen. Not unless there is some automated way to moderate. Then, people might get used to it. I know, it's hard. 3.- Lately have been hanging out in the Music, DAC and Software forums, just reading and learning. It looks like most of the ugliness happens in the General forum. So, if any automation happens, limiting to General, might make it easier. Just my $0.02 v
  8. vmartell22


    Chiming in - well - obviously, if you don't like it, you don't like it. However, I am curious to ask, who in here follows my approach - I like composers. If a composer of my liking does an opera, I will listen to it and there is a high probability I will like it. And that includes composers that only made operas like Wagner or Puccini (well, for the most part, I know). Of course, I don't have any aversion to trained (classical) singing, so that is not a hurdle. So, it does happen that people that know that I listen to Opera, assume I like composers like Bellini or Donizetti - not my cup of tea - just because it is Opera. Or worse, assume that will like faux opera, or well, do not know what to call it, the actually pop music of singers that somehow adopt the operatic style but have never set foot on an operatic stage, like Katherine Jenkins or Sarah Brightman. v
  9. Indeed - lemme try to summarize in this context - because you have a point 1.- I think the general idea of the editorial is that audiophiles are requesting the same respect that, let's say, the wine hobby/industry - That is, if I hear it (or taste it) then that's it, that is my take on it and I am contributing valuable insights. Because ( and hope I am not wrong) that seems to be the general aim of the audiophile practice (at least the subjective one, which seems to include most of the industry and its consumers). Might add, though, that wine industry is also on very iffy grounds: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judgment_of_Paris_(wine) So again, what is trying be said here, is "leave us alone to appreciate the products on our terms" IMHO. 2. - That said, these are engineered devices. The process has even less variability than wine production (which is more engineering/science these days, than art). So to attribute characteristics that are not part of a design ("musicality" for example) is really strange. And connecting from that, an evaluation like that relies on the senses. Human senses; fallible, easily skewered, etc. After all, it was our senses that told the ancients the earth was flat. 3.- Now here is the gist of the argument. The thing that has caused more bits being used on the net than almost anything except pr0n! When the reviewer issues a statement that contradicts scientific facts , people will comment. It did not use to be that way. Before the interwebs, the counterargument was not aired in the trade magazines; in that volume, of course. Magazines did publish dissenting opinions, but usually in the middle of the convinced choir, with no reply or long discussion. The internet changed that. 4.- And that's where the argument gets ugly. Many accusations from one side to the other. For example, and this addresses directly a point in the post I am replying to, the implication that the scientific side relies on religious-like "belief" in science is incorrect. Science is facts and I have seen in general in most of the posts a solid understanding of the scientific facts necessary for the argument. A lot of knowledgeable engineers/scientists in this forum. 5. Last, I will get personal. Why do I get into it? Believe it or not, it has to do with the zeitgeist and the current political climate. Lots of anti-scientific thinking right now, from anti-vaxxers to flat earthers, climate change denial, etc. This is a direct attack on humanity. Yes, flat earthers, for example are ridiculous and relatively innocuous. Yet , such promotion of anti-science still has a detrimental effect. It promotes fear of knowledge and education, to the point that in some realms, educated persons and scientists are "an elite" that is not to be trusted etc. And in order to fight against that (because it really needs to be fought) I actively oppose it anytime I see it. And yes, it can be even dangerous, IRL. But because the stakes are pretty high we really need to do it. And I consider, $100,000/ft cables, Ethernet cables with sound, $200,000 power "conditioners", etc. part of the anti-science idea - the ultimate example of magical thinking. And a waste of resources, whether you can afford it or not. So I get into it. Well Not anymore. Almost. Obviously, nobody has noticed my absence, but until now, it has been a while since I got into it, in this forum and others. And after this, will probably be a while to be back. Probably only if I have a question or problem. Because, while I still think I am right in my assessment, also realized that audiophilia is pretty irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. Only got into this thread because it popped very prominently in my news feed. But I will continue and I do promise to try to live and let live. v
  10. Of course - that's exactly what I said. And that is the expression of one side of the argument trying to change the framework... so they can have an argument... otherwise... well... Again, gravity does not care if you don't believe in it... you will fall. But the reaction to your post if correct - veering off topic - last thing I will say on the matter. v
  11. Science is not a belief system - is the systematic activity that obtains and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions. Framing the discussion of Science vs. religion in terms of opposing belief systems is incorrect. Or to put it simply, gravity does not care if you believe in it or not. You will fall. v
  12. Indeed - you are 100% right - as I said, I was simplifying a bit but you expanded it nicely... thnx! v
  13. I started making an argument but well... had to stop - this is gonna go to the core of the argument and it is maybe a oversimplification.. however - I think it holds true: People do not want to admit that their brain can be affected by many things, physical, physiological, psychological, etc - and given that their brain IS the mechanism to interpret the data they get from the world thru their senses... well... you know what I am getting at - your brain can fool you. You can be tired... and you think it sounds worse; you can be stressed out and the sweet balm of your favourite music can make you think is sounds better... etc However it's obvious that they cannot get themselves to admit that. They are looking for a reason outside their brain on why the difference they perceive. And boy - when that happens to a technically/scientifically knowledgeable person... well it becomes really hard - their own knowledge and self image (as a smart person) it's barrier to admitting their brain can fool them... and f(WAV) == f( uncompress(FLAC) ) v
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