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  1. Does that mean you ignore and/or don't try corroborate anonymous tips/information/possible facts OR does it mean that you will always identify your sources? (sincere, somewhat neutral question) v
  2. Hrm - very disappointing. This should have the thing that united ASR and AS. Argument should be - hey, both sides of the audiophile thought discussion agree here, mQa is bad news - even if for different reasons. Doesn't matter. I do have a related question - do moderators have a duty to be impartial? Well, I understand that the owner of the forum has the right to regulate content she/he wants on the forum - BUT, talking in general, if someone becomes a moderator, is that a reasonable expectation? I guess I kind of answered my question... so it may be dumb in essence... yet...
  3. Please correct me if I am wrong - I have been doing net things for a while - I have forgotten whatever little DSP I had in me. I have gotten in my head that the genius of @GoldenOne 's video is that it got all the MQA - sorry mQA :D proponents to publicly admit that it behaves exactly like a lossy scheme. Including Bob Stuart himself. From there, well, if it looks like a duck... I maybe inferring to much - but just wanted to double check I am right - or not! v
  4. Regarding all the comments about Apple - indeed, very often I don't like what they do, I don't like what they have turned into and definitely avoided them for a long time. Up until recently, there was no Apple or Windows at Vic's office - that changed recently though; my kid went to college and I inherited the Mac Book Pro. That was actually the main catalyst to try Roon. But I digress. It's obvious that Apple is no white hat cowboy to the rescue. BUT there are difference between that and the MQA effort. Main is that Apple aims to establish not standards BUT market do
  5. I just want to say good luck on your new adventure. That said, IF I did what you are doing, I would not consider a regular system or a car stereo type system . Headphone Hi-Fi seems to be the way to go, no matter the source... well except a turntable - I also would not do that either! :D But this is just a "feeling" answer/opinion. And it enormously uninformed, since I don't see myself ever attempting what you are doing. So my answer is the product of just a couple of minutes of thought :D Good luck - hope you enjoy it. The freedom sounds nice...
  6. 1.- True - to be fair, the forums are the private property of the owner - the owner sets the rules. I always respectfully point out what I disagree with. I am very often careful to indicate that the owners have the right to decided what kind of forum they want. I also respectfully ask, well, just have them be clear. If they don't want MQA polemics, it should make it a rule explicitly. 2.- Disagree on what gets flagged. It looks like you are on the Roon forum. You know then, that the flagging is done by users and in general ( again, I have to generalize - after all we are al
  7. ALAC as per the rumours ! v
  8. Every one breaks the rules - it is obvious from the selective enforcement what the moderators line is. And like I said, is not that they do not allow negative posts and/or threads. They throttle them, so get shoved from the trending topics. Plus the MQA fans liberally use the very permissive flagging system to censor posts. And yes I know, flagging does not completely hide posts but still, very easy to censor. Check for the MQA vs PCM thread. Once the MQA skeptics started flagging stuff, the thread was closed. Again, is not that they completely disallow criticism. They do seem to
  9. That is the thing - if you agree with the official line, in this case re: MQA, but is also true of many other topics, yes, it seems friendly. But hit anything that the moderators are a fan of, MQA yes, but also specific products, and you will be jumped on, moderators leading the charge. They are not neutral, nor do they really behave professionally; they are just simple opinionated users at heart. It is true, Roon does what it advertises, which is what I wanted - at least the part that allows you to easily setup remotes and the such - that is the reason I became a subscriber. Unf
  10. It doesn't feel like they are independent in the Roon forums - then again, it's the moderators that enforce the drive to keep MQA discussions to the minimum and from bubbling up in the "trending" topics. If not closing them altogether... maybe that's the idea... "we have independent moderators...they do what they want!" v
  11. First context, because I see it is disappearing from the reply chain - This is about Hans... err, won't try to type his name from memory as I don't want to butcher it... Hans the Dutch guy... Anyways - At first I liked Hans - he seemed to be a supporter of Raspberry Pi Hi-Fi - which I am totally into - good quality stuff that well, "the expensive is better" kind of audiophiles look down upon... but upon hearing comments like "reduced soundstage, probably due to time smear", I was like, ugh. That said I am wary of connecting audiophoolia with MQA - don't want to lose
  12. Well, a few things l could say but won't - join me in leaving the desire to be right and have the last word outside of this and go back to our common enemy: MQA. MQA sucks! who's with me!? :D v
  13. Indeed out of topic - just wanted to clarify that it is a very silly example of how I see the anti-science thing going.. and it is silly... and of course, stress my main point that science is not a belief system. BUT HEY! WE FINALLY HAVE A COMMON ENEMY: MQA Let's build on that! v
  14. I am disappointed with Amir's support of MQA - that said, let's not get crazy here. Amir's support of MQA does not invalidate scientific thinking. And most importantly there is no such thing as "Scientism" - Science is not a belief system. No matter how a person "doesn't believe" or distrust scientific facts (or pray, for that matter), if that person jumps from a building, that person will fall to the ground... because, you know... gravity... That said, yes indeed very disappointed at Amir's support of MQA and his attitude towards @GoldenOne v
  15. Indeed - a good sign. But to me, the light at the end of the tunnel will be when Spotify Hifi comes out. IF it is not MQA - that's all she wrote for MQA. Here's hoping v
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