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  1. Well - haven't checked to forum for a long time... First of all, lemme take the opportunity, RIP @sandyk ; he certainly made the forum better and obviously, IRL an outstanding person. Condolences to his family. Cannot say anything but that I hope that time brings healing - the memories will remain. OK So apologies is this has been posted before - did a quick search and could not find... as usual, this is interesting... I am specially interested in his comments re: build of Audioquest. As I confessed on previous posts, in the past I "treated" myself to a couple o
  2. The plural of vinyl is vinyl, indeed @Irbreann Definitely - Record Doctor IV ( I believe poster refers to it, if not, apologies) is the least expensive option that really works. Their solution works, but I prefer Audio Intelligent. There is the SpinClean - but I never had success - yes, records look clean but always ended up with more pops. Thinking the culprit was residue from their solution (always used distilled water, different brands), but for the life of me could never solve why I had such result while so many people swore by it. Moved to the Record
  3. NEVER - Anyone using the word should be flogged with a spaghetti noodle until it hurts. That said, that was a weird question to ask at the site formerly known as "Computer Audiophile"... or maybe that was the intention on the name change? :D v
  4. I like Amir's YouTube Channel - is very informative and interesting. v
  5. Have to chime in - schadenfreude is an emotion. Science is a systematic approach to knowledge. Totally valid to use science to uncover knowledge/facts to feed the schadenfreude. In fact is useful. Not saying that schadenfreude is good, but if measurements show that there is no difference between a $10K dac and a $100 one, there will be schadenfreude about the peep that spent the $10K - specially if he (and will be a he) equates economic ability with superior hearing, or worse, taste or even worse, goodness... so yes, schadenfreude thru science... not disguised, a tool for schadenfreude...
  6. AHH - Pages and pages of discussion... Opposing sites, many flame wars... THIS IS THE CRUX OF THE BISCUIT (to quote Frank Zappa) IMHO - Hasn't been done. Very hard to do without the rigor that such a thing requires. It remains an opinion. You hit it right int he head. v
  7. Don't get the comment, I gotta say. While I appreciate Han's channel and his support for Pi-HiFi, he is definitely on the other side of the argument that Amir is making. Hans believes on audiophile switches so much that made a response video to the responses to his EtherRegen ( did I get it the name right? ) review where he says he believes it make things sound better. Doubled down on the response video. Unless you are talking production values or "on-air" personality? - not sure - these are hobbyists promoting their opinion... no opinion really, but, well, does not matter that
  8. Not sure about this one - is relevant to the discussion, I think, but not sure if it violates forum policies... again, thinking that as notable news should be OK, but, well, up to Chris I guess. Feel free to remove/move/etc https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWp1NY1KXGwcOh1RxKp_-FA I specially liked this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHPwPRLxDWc v
  9. Can someone please move this thread to Objective-Fi so I can answer to this? :D v
  10. Hey - so friend of mine just told me - no more downloads (buying files) at Acoustic Sounds - went to the site, seems to be no mention of it, but the download store is not there nor I can find a way to access it... [EDIT - mah bad, it's there ] https://store.acousticsounds.com/superhirez ah well - beyond the streaming debate (which I hate and wish it disappeared instead) the bad thing is that many of their SACDs are not being repressed but were available as downloads... it was a good stopgap until they (if ever) became available again... ah well
  11. Of course - problem is that listening is in the "ear of the earholder"- I might declare a device as ok but some other person might say is crap. Then you add biases - I am pretty sure there could be listeners that will declare anything over $10K as super fantastic no matter what... So yeah let's is ok to listen - is just not reliable.. by definition... v
  12. Injecting noise... well that IS definitely a test case. Remember the part about thresholds and tolerances? some devices will pass or not based on least or more stringent conditions - it all depends on the pass/fail criteria defined by the designer and course will reflect the design philosophy. Human hearing? not part of formal testing. OF COURSE, things escape the testers, or maybe devices are not tested at all. Or the test plan is badly designed. Or the device is shoddily built. Or there is a manufacturing QC problem. But that does not mean we should discard formal measurements
  13. It would be on the design document - from there, after a risk analysis, a test plan is created. Part of the test plan is functional testing. Whatever you are aiming for, like 100% noise rejection, there will be a test case for that. The test case will specify thresholds, tolerances, etc. Data points will be taken using... measurement devices, not by ear. And pass/fail will be determined. We are going off in many tangents. IMHO the OP was pretty much about what do you do when a device measures well and you THINK you don't like the sound or when it measures terribly and you THINK
  14. Well 1.- You kindly mentioned "audibility thresholds" above - it looks like you are finally seeing things correctly - I love bringing people to the right approach - that is a big component and one of the reasons subjective claims are basically unprovable... but as long as you know... 2.- In previous post I indicated that measurements are never misleading, they just prove that the devices are operating correctly. The difference of course is not trying to adjudicate other magical properties to the devices. Next thing we know people are gonna say a certain dac or amplif
  15. The thing is whatever you find wrong with ASR's approach, at least it is supported by formally accepted principles - that's a good start even if the individual members are not leading lights of the IEEE or ACM or AES or.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Straw_man The thing is that all we have here is argument by unknown/unverified authority... and I am not saying that one should not compare, experiment, etc - all I am saying is that without reviewed and accepted rigor, you statician friend's results are no different from just another anecdote/opinion... no proof of anyth
  16. Has the experiment been peer reviewed as well as the results? v
  17. We agree! great! Great minds think alike... v
  18. Yowsa... Dude, I am still on High Sierra... I a admire your "Damn The Torpedos" attitude - that's how things get fixed for the rest of us! :D v
  19. After 41 pages, suddenly had a realization re: the title of the thread and first post. The problem with it is that well, properly taken measurements are not misleading by nature (let's not consider errors in measurement for the moment - sure mistakes can happen leading to the wrong conclusion) That said, need to clarify - why are measurements NEVER misleading? Well, because this thread and in general, in audiophile discussions this is looked at incorrectly. Remember, these are engineered devices - how can a designer/manufacturer/engineer know that her device is working properly, a
  20. Oh definitely - I wouldn't say James Randi only got tangentially involved, because, well, the challenge is pretty direct so it's obvious how he saw the whole thing - and not being an Engineer he was saying... well, "prove your claims"... BUT yeah - I know and love Peter Aczel - the original objective bulldog of the audiophile world (and that's a compliment - thinking of Thomas Huxley). I really miss him too. v
  21. Well - he always admitted as much - it was, after all his job! I understand that it might bother audiophiles to be put in the same bucket as people that believe in faith healers, homeopathy (love how he downed a whole bottle of homeopathic "sleeping pills" :D ) and that Uri Geller really bent spoons... Let it go! Don't let it bother you - after all, if you have faith in your subjective judgement... well... have faith in your subjective judgement! Of course, if you believe your subjective judgement somehow is a universal (or scientific!) truth... well, you'll get push back. I b
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