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From A to B in N Clicks (Using Roon)

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Hey Guys - Like most people using the new Roon Labs software, I've been browsing my music collection and listening to more music than ever. I've also created a little game / challenge for myself while browsing. I see how many clicks it takes me to get from one artist to another artist that is seemingly unrelated. For example while browsing The Beatles I thought to myself, how quickly can I get to my favorite band Pearl Jam using only the links within Roon.


I'm interested to see if other people find this as enjoyable as I do and to see the steps others have taken to get from one artist to another. It's the stuff in between that's most interesting :~)



Here is my A to B in N from this morning:



From The Beatles to Pearl Jam



  1. The Beatles (artist) to
  2. Bob Dylan (artist) to
  3. The Freewheeling' Bob Dylan (album) to
  4. Masters of War (track) to
  5. Roon's Performances link to
  6. Pearl Jam (artist)




Details: Starting at The Beatles main Roon page I clicked on the information about the band. Within the paragraphs I saw Bob Dylan's name as a huge influence on Rock and Roll in 1965. I new that Pearl Jam had performed the Dylan song Masters of War one at lest one of my Pj albums. So I clicked on Dylan. I new Masters of War was on The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan so I went into that album. Under the Masters of War track Roon as a link for Performances that lists all the performances of a specific track in one's library. I clicked not that, which displayed Pearl Jam Live at Beneroya Hall and a link to the Band's main Roon page.



Kind of geeky, but fun nonetheless.

Founder of Audiophile Style | My Audio Systems

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Let me know how many clicks it takes you to get from Adele to Infected Mushroom. ;)

Just did it in 5 clicks! Seriously!



I did it inverse because I didn't have any Infected Mushroom in my library. I started with IM within TIDAL.



Infected Mushroom (artist) - Zomboy (artist listed in Similar To category) - Skrillex (artist listed in Similar To category) - Lady Gaga (artist listed in Bio information) - 2012 Grammy Nominees (album) - Adele (artist)

Founder of Audiophile Style | My Audio Systems

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