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  1. all cogent arguments. thanks guys.
  2. why dont you guys use itunes for file playback?
  3. I use a 2010 mac mini, a year in which the slot loaded CD drive was still included. My library is all file based and played back via Roon, but sometimes guests want to bring or share CD's and in those cases this drive is perfectly suitable. I'm currently using VLC, but it's a bit clunky and I was just curious what else people are using for CD playback in OS X.
  4. no need to apologize, your goal just didn't make sense. If the only constant between rooms is the software, then the software is not what you will be "hearing".
  5. That goal is dumb. You hear speakers, not software.. and going from Roon to Roon at the show will only demonstrate the difference in speakers. Trying it in your system is the only effective method for demonstration.
  6. Let me know how many clicks it takes you to get from Adele to Infected Mushroom.
  7. Sweet. I think my only complaint at this time is the lack of an iOS app. It's a critical component to the modern, file based system. The sooner it's released, the better. My apprehension with all SaaS applications is investing time and money into a really cool system, especially one claiming to have a lifetime license and price point, only to have the service acquired by Google/Apple/whatever and the service to be shuttered. Should that day ever come, will you guys ensure a way for the application to work in a less feature-rich "offline" mode so that we can still use it for playback, import new music, and manually edit metadata?
  8. Their account/trial/billing practice is no different than any other SaaS provider, including the likes of Spotify or Tidal. Speaking of which, those services cost $119.88 and $239.88 per year (respectively, pre-tax) and offer up nothing more tangible or permanent than Roon. It's just the nature of 21st century software consumption models.
  9. It's important to note that the database(s) used for tag information are not free and likely factor into the per-year/lifetime cost structure.
  10. You don't need a crossover cable if both devices are GigE. That issue was fixed quite a while ago with the introduction of Auto-MDIX.
  11. I think you've answered your own question. Go with the mac mini. I don't think your system is nearly resolving enough to pinpoint any differences between your proposed build and a mac mini. I'd venture to say that is true for about 85% of the systems here, so don't feel bad.
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