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The album you forgot you liked...even if you are embarrassed to admit it

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Ever put on an album you haven't listened to in a long time and said to yourself, "Hey, that's not bad at all. In fact, I like it! Why has it been so long since I played it?"


List them here.


Here's what got me started thinking about this:




Surprised? Disappointed? Laughing?


Well, it's quite a good album. Two great songs, IMO. The rest are pretty good, maybe one filler - which is pleasant enough and not terrible. One would be good if Paul hadn't thought he should let Linda sing lead (ugh! - and ironically it's called "I Am Your Singer"). But the playing and singing are otherwise good, and the recording is pretty basic for the most part and sounds good. It's fun to listen to.

Main listening (small home office):

Main setup: Surge protector +>Isol-8 Mini sub Axis Power Strip/Isolation>QuietPC Low Noise Server>Roon (Audiolense DRC)>Stack Audio Link II>Kii Control>Kii Three (on their own electric circuit) >GIK Room Treatments.

Secondary Path: Server with Audiolense RC>RPi4 or analog>Cayin iDAC6 MKII (tube mode) (XLR)>Kii Three .

Bedroom: SBTouch to Cambridge Soundworks Desktop Setup.
Living Room/Kitchen: Ropieee (RPi3b+ with touchscreen) + Schiit Modi3E to a pair of Morel Hogtalare. 

All absolute statements about audio are false :)

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Brinsley Schwarz (1970)


Although labeled as a British pub rock band, the group saw themselves as a folk-rock band with psychedelic pretentions. This, their eponymous first album, is, in fact, comprised entirely of country-inflected rock/pop ballads, and I think it's great.


Their first American performance was as the opening act for for Van Morrison and Quicksilver at the Fillmore East in NYC, in April, 1970. It did not go well, and and the band received a flood of negative press over the following weeks, including bad reviews of this record. However, they released five more albums over the next four years to much more postive reviews before the group dispanded, and bass player Nick Lowe went on to an illustrious career, first with Dave Edmunds and Rockpile, then as a solo artist/songwriter/producer.


Guitarist Brinsley Schwarz and keyboardist Bob Andrews remained together as members of The Rumour, who were known primarily as Graham Parker's backing band. I saw them play about a year ago on their reunion tour, and they were great.

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The Notting Hillbillies: Missing ... Presumed Having A Good Time




At the time this came out, I just started my life in Hifi, and really like Dire Straits (still like them somehow).


However, Mark Knopfler's excursion into Country remained just that, country. And well, that's actually not my cup of tea in general.


That said, both Bewildered and Your Own Sweet Way are very enjoyable.

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