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Computer Audiophile and LastPass Login Issue

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I'm using LastPass on Win8.1 and Firefox, with auto login and no problems.


Wouldn't be timing out, as in opening a lot of sites at the same time?


Password was my own, not generated by the program.


Hello DennisL,


Interesting distinction. To be consistent with my OT contributions, my password was generated by "me" and not 1Password as similarly with Dennis who also generated his own password. However, the passwords generated by 1Password are also bullet proof. Merely supplying this information to add to my experience which I pass on to the members here at CA who I care about in my own way. To be clear, I, too, do not have to login in each time I use Safari, current edition, to arrive at the Home page of Computer Audiophile or if I click on an email to a thread I subscribe to, I am there without any other step to take.


It is probably not useful to offer the information I provide as each system, synergy and program, browser, OSX may trigger different results. We experience the same with our software players and music rendition. But any intrusion in the easy access to a program can be frustrating, irritating and puzzling until a trigger is identified and cured. 1Password, which I have been employing since I switched from PC/Windows to Apple in 2008 just works and gets better with each iteration. No connection to the company, just grateful for the ease of use.


Sorry for the troubles other members may be experiencing. C'est la vie...n'est-ce pas?


Hope a solution reveals itself sooner than later.




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Thanks to the LastPass employee who got it working. Had to delete the site. Re-enter all info, click on the LastPass icon (upper right), tools, Save All Entered Data and now it works.


They had to create a login here to test it.

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