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Documentary Film: The Wrecking Crew

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Just watched "The Wrecking Crew" last week. It is about a group of session musicians during the 50's & 60's that were responsible for a good portion of albums coming out of LA. When I say albums, I mean a good portion of the most popular albums of the day ... Nancy Sinatra, Sonny & Cher, Beach Boys ...


The Wrecking Crew film


One example is the Beach Boys albums where the band members are NOT who you hear on the albums for the most part. Basically, Brian Wilson, being the genius he is (was), knew that to get what he was looking to achieve, he needed musicians that where much better than what the band members could deliver. There are several clips with Brian discussing all of this.


The film mentions that is was fairly common practice during that period. It was "The Monkeys" that exposed the practice because it was very obvious. Mickey Dolenz & Peter Tork were both interviewed.


There is also mention of the stir surrounding Milli Vanilli in the '80's. Basically, this is what "The Wrecking Crew" was doing decades before.


In any case, it is good a flick if you are into music history.

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Great share! Even today in mainstream music there are "fakes" out there.

With Autotune and studio do overs - I wonder how many pure acts are out there.

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