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In spite of using the Mac for music I still like to have a CD player around for periodic fiddling. Right now I'm using an old Yamaha DVD player as I removed the Sonys I once used.


Does anyone have an opinion or experience with these Oppo units as a CD player? I've heard pretty good things about them.




Not real clear what this means - "The DV-983H is the new flagship model designed for serious home theater ... and utilizes more high-end audio circuitry components than the other two models."


Looks like the 980 and 983 have USB.





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I have no direct experience with them, but I am very skeptical. Many forums are filled with posts of people talking these things up like there is no tomorrow. They are very cheap as well. So, lots of hype and a cheap price. If history is the best predictor of the future, I'd say these units aren't as good as they say and they won't be around very long.


However, I must reiterate that I have no direct experience with them. I'm just going by one of the gut feelings. These things may be absolutely awesome. I hope someone can chime in here with direct experience.


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The Oppos are generally very well regarded. For what it's worth, Cambridge Audio takes the Oppo innards, spices them up a bit and puts them into their own cases. Cambridge Audio is well known for reasonably high-quality audio equipment, so the Oppos can't be that bad. As usual, it all depends on the rest of your system. If you have a system that can reveal the shortcomings of the Oppos (whatever they might be) than they might not be good enough for you. If you don't, then you'll be happy with them. There is only one way to find out.


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I have the OPPO 980H and have been very pleased with it. However, I purchased it mainly for its ability to upconvert 480i DVD video not its audio performance. I feed my Outlaw 990 with the OPPO 980H's coax digital and let the Outlaw upsample when I listen to CDs. OPPO is an internet direct company that is primarily focused on DVD video performance. Chatter on some of the other forums indicate the 980H has better than average audio performance, however only your ears will tell you if its acceptable. It also supports a number of formats (SACD, DVD-A, HDCD, etc). FYI, the 983H has essentially the same audio capabilities as the 980H. The difference is the 983H includes an Anchor Bay (DVDO) video processor to improve the picture quality of standard DVDs.



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I have heard it and consider it to be an OK CD player but an excellent value. Years ago there was a Radio Shack portable CD player that supposedly gave the state of the art a run for the money. I feel the same way about the Oppo as I did about the Shack piece. The state of the art thing was total rubbish but the little player was surpisingly good for the money. The Radio Shack units lasted six months or so on average (I had 3 - it's called masochism). I have not heard anything negative about the Oppos in that regard. My guess is that it would be a clear improvement over your old Yamaha.


As an aside, I have never found DVD players to sound as good as their CD only brethren. I don't know why this is the case. I have heard conjecture but I'm not qualified to evaluate it. But whatever the price point, unless you need the DVD functionality I would go for the CD only.


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