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Recommend a good external DVD/CD player for a Mac

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Have a Mac with a generic external DVD/CD player - Samsung.


Is there any way of improving on this? e.g. a good transport like the Philips CD Pro with some kind of interface so the Mac can communicate with it?


Or a really good external drive - if so what?


Goal would be to import CD collection into iTunes with best possible quality.

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Here's the external drive I use for ripping CDs:

OWC Mercury Pro


Solid LG mechanism, old-fashioned drawer, multiple connection types.


Works super-well for me.


I have a similar one from OWC. A little more expensive but does Blu-ray. This is the current version:


OWC MR3F8BDSD16 Mercury Pro 16X Blu-ray Burner Plug... in stock at OWC


Good build quality, LG mechanism, no problems, no complaints.



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I use the OWC external drive and have been quite happy with it. My idea was to connect it via FireWire in order to keep the USB free for the USB-S/PDIF device.

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