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  1. Ebat 4 Slot LCD Fast Intelligent Battery Charger for Li-ion Ni-MH/Ni-CD 10440 14500 14650 16340 17670 18500 18650 18700 22650 20700 21700 22700 25500 26650 26700 Rechargeable Batteries Sold by: kejiss Return window closed on Nov 17, 2018 $15.50 Samsung INR18650-30Q High Drain 3000mAh 3.7V 15A Rechargeable Flat Top Battery, (6 Pcs) Sold by: M&A BD Electronics $31.98 (Let me mention that it is very handy to have a second set of 4 batteries. Great to never be out of fresh batteries!)
  2. Hi Simon, this is a little off your topic, but do you have a digiOne (Signature) HAT connected to your USB Bridge/Raspberry Pi device? Or how are you connecting your dac to the USB Bridge? Thanks, Rick
  3. Just for the record, there are two cases available for the USB Bridge Signature - one without room for a HAT and one with room for a USB Bridge Signature with a DigiOne Signature card. I speculate that there has not been a metal case for the DigiOne Signature Player is that there may be an upgrade in Allo's future which uses the updated Raspberry Pi 4. I view my dear Allo as a hobbiest company whose products are in continual upgrade mode. My two cents...
  4. Still running Mohave on a tricked out 2012 Mac Mini. Is there any sonic or feature reason to upgrade to Catalina?
  5. Jae Sinnett is an NPR DJ out of Hampton Virginia who plays some groovy drums. Love this swinging bop disc (The Sinnett Hearings) although it is obscure and not available on quality streaming services. Best I could find is this: https://www.iheart.com/artist/jae-sinnett-70394/albums/the-sinnett-hearings-1304201/?autoplay=true
  6. For those using the DigiOne Signature with the new USB Bridge Signature - Is there a sonic advantage to using the DigiOne Signature Player if one is not using the USB feature?
  7. Decided to check on your dedication to timing by finding out more about your speakers. Wow. https://www.stereophile.com/content/fujitsu-ten-eclipse-td712z-loudspeaker https://www.eclipse-td.com/uk/products/td712zmk2/index.html Party on, Garth.
  8. Hope this is not an obviously answered question, but... On several sites, folks give fun playlists in Spotify. Is there a way to listen to them using Audirvana?
  9. Just downloaded a aiff version from Bandcamp. No comparison in the sound quality. Run, do not walk to Bandcamp...
  10. Thank you very much for the introduction to Dominique Fils-Amie. Very impressive sounding music with a message. I hope to hear a non-compressed version soon...
  11. My first Allo DigiOne came with Volumo pre-installed. Worked fine. Upgraded to Allo DigiOne Signature which came with DietPi pre-installed. Worked fine. Played with several of the other Pi OS. All sounded essentially the same (to me) compared to all the settings that I play with in Audirvana - and compared to sound changes through playing with DigiOne power supplies and digital cables. I have a friend who is using Volumo and is of the opinion that playing with the settings can contribute to better sound. Some day I might try, but I have been pretty busy with all of the other tweaks! Streaming with Audirvana has been trouble free. It is kinda embarrassing how simple it has been. And so inexpensive. Friends who come over are quite surprised at my good sound, ease of streaming (Tidal) and small investment. I really don't know why the combination is not more popular...
  12. Last night, I was so impressed with my version of the "standard" Signature set up (pre-Shanti) that I wanted to share it. It includes a $70 Chinese made linear power supply from eBay powering the Raspberry pi (dirty side) and a battery pack powering the Signature (clean side). If the Shanti was available earlier, I would have probably bought it instead of this elaborate jury rigged system. However I already have this one and not sure if it is worth $150 to "upgrade". (I was visiting a high end audio store earlier this week and heard an expensive system using an expensive streamer. Needless to say, I was not disappointed when I returned home to this simple system which uses the Allo as part of a networked Macintosh running Audirvana.)
  13. This is as much a Tidal question as an Audirvana one, but is there a way to use the "download" feature of Tidal when using Audirvana? Also, is there a way that Tidal, through their mobile app or desktop program, can keep track of music played through Audirvana? Thanks for a great sounding product!
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