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Bridge School concert

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Well, here we are at a Bridge School Concert. This is a particularly tedious intermission between acts I dont appreciate as much as I should.


We started off with two songs from Neil Young, which was good.


Then it was his estranged wife. I now completely understand the divorce. I am holding out for Pearl Jam. My 11 year old is mortally offended by the (small quantity of) smoke from the vil weed.


When we showed up at the gate, it was drawn to our attention that we had purchased tickets for the previous day. By some miracle we got a genuine humanitarian who let us in anyway.


Apparently, Tom Jones is in the lineup. Whats new pussycat, iy yi yi.


Last time i was at this place it was to see the Grateful Dead in the late 1980s.

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As is the case with global climate change, massive planetary over-population, the spread of hepatitis C and HIV, the collapse of the banking system, the export of all manufacturing jobs from the US to Asian economies, the rise of Muslim fundamentalism, and the ever-widing gap between the poor and the wealthy with the concomitant collapse of the American Middle Class, I place the blame squarely upon the shoulders of the baby-boomer generation.


We eventually left well before we ever got to see Pearl Jam. Maybe in another 30 years I will forget what that was like and try it again.

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