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digital preamp recommendation

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Am I on the right path to look for a dac to serve as a preamp? I recently downsized my home theater system to a 2-channel video system. This system is in the living room and functions for listening to music & watching tv/movies. I currently use a Parasound Halo A21 amp and NAD M15 processor to drive a pair of Infinity Kappa 400 tower speakers. I use Audirvana from a macbook pro and the Meridian Explorer as a DAC. My thoughts are that I no longer have a need for a HT processor and I would like to maximize my 2-channel performance.


All my music is digital. Although I have contemplated vinyl, I just have never gotten into it and probably won't due to the ease of digital. I've been currently looking at the NAD M51 to replace my M15. Ideally I would like to go USB from the macbook pro into the dac/preamp. Would the NAD M51 be the best option? I also noticed it doesn't support DSD, which I don't have any files in this format, but if it is as incredible as everyone states would I be missing an opportunity to go for the NAD M51?


Another idea: I currently use a midrange blu-ray player. I've thought about getting the Oppo 105d to serve this function, but I have heard mixed reviews on people using it directly into a power amp. Also my budget is about $2000 but would be more than happy to spend less. Thanks for your input!

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NAD M51 or BMC PureDAC. I currently own both. I will be back and post in more detail (can't do it right now.) In short, I love them both, but they have slightly different strengths.

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