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  1. I saw that Ayre was finally mentioned. If it was my money the battle would be Ayre vs ARC. One other I did hear that was absurdly expensive was BAT (I think it was $30k.) I didn’t think it sounded any better than the others. I think past a point you are just paying for a label, or paying whatever they think they can get out of you.
  2. So no digital cross feeds sound good?
  3. The Dan Clark Ether series is a really superb headphone that I haven’t seen get a lot of love on this thread. It really does nothing wrong and all of their headphones emphasize ergonomics. They are probably difficult to find for auditions though.
  4. Yikes. I bought mine in 2017 and so should be approaching the end of my warranty period. I hate to think how much that will cost after the warranty is over… I notice that mine both give a little click when turning off and on. I’m completely used to it now but it was unsettling at first. It seemed harsher than I would have expected from such an otherwise refined product. I had an issue with my Kii control a few years back when it stopped responding to IR remote. I ended up shipping it to Grace Design who was doing the tech support then in the US. The tech there ended up having to re
  5. And for my next trick, I will show you how to modify a Ferrari for off-roading! just kidding, good job getting it to work. I don’t think I would have figured it out.
  6. I agree with the above, a comparison to some superlative actives would be a natural comparison if it’s really being used in a desktop situation. For that money you could get some Genelec 8341 (very similar dimensions) and have a pile of cash left over.
  7. I have an eero mesh network in my house. It works incredibly well. If you have two eeros that both have Ethernet, then any wired Ethernet device plugged into either eero can see any other seemlessly. There’s no fiddling and it’s very reliable. There are probably others brands offering similar performance, but I’ve been very happy with the eero system.
  8. Here's a bit of a different Kii topic, how to do the absolutely least ideal installation possible... So I've had my Kii's since 2017. I initially had them on stands in the room in a very audiophile manner. That same year I had my first child, and this year I had my second. We live in a small house and I don't have a dedicated audio room that I can keep the kids out of. Furthermore, I'd rather have them in the main family room anyway, where we can use them. Obviously, a stand-mounted mega heavy monitor like the Kii's is a toddler death trap, and it has no protection against flying n
  9. I would have put this in the ultra thread above but it’s locked. I have a Sbooster 5-6v model. At 6v it’s rated at 1.75 A continuous and can do more than double that transiently. Is there a reason that unit cannot handle an ultraRendu? Is there something about 6v that is undesirable compared to 7v? (I assume there must be, given all of the specific power supplies are 7v)
  10. The MrSpeakers Aeon Flows (both open and closed varieties) are at the upper end of your range but are definitely worth considering. They definitely need an amp to shine but they are probably the most complete and competent top to bottom cans in your price range. An alternative to consider would be the Focal Elears ($1000 MSRP) which can be had on sale for within your range.
  11. Interesting products. I would have to compare them directly to Bluesound which has a pretty mature app and is more fully Roon compatible (complete with synchronization.) All of these, however are going to have to be as user friendly as Sonos to make a real dent in the market. Sonos has just done it so well, and it works so reliably I just could not recommend anything else to a non audiophile. All of this just makes me wish Slim Devices could have survived on their own. Squeezebox was just so far ahead of its time...
  12. So what do you mean more specifically? Does that mean Roon can in fact play to the iFi just with reduced capability? Perhaps using upnp or LMS protocol? Have you done it successfully?
  13. Is there anyway to have the iFi act as a Roon endpoint with its native ethernet or wifi? Any chance on it becoming RoonReady in the future?
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