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  1. I would have put this in the ultra thread above but it’s locked. I have a Sbooster 5-6v model. At 6v it’s rated at 1.75 A continuous and can do more than double that transiently. Is there a reason that unit cannot handle an ultraRendu? Is there something about 6v that is undesirable compared to 7v? (I assume there must be, given all of the specific power supplies are 7v)
  2. The MrSpeakers Aeon Flows (both open and closed varieties) are at the upper end of your range but are definitely worth considering. They definitely need an amp to shine but they are probably the most complete and competent top to bottom cans in your price range. An alternative to consider would be the Focal Elears ($1000 MSRP) which can be had on sale for within your range.
  3. Interesting products. I would have to compare them directly to Bluesound which has a pretty mature app and is more fully Roon compatible (complete with synchronization.) All of these, however are going to have to be as user friendly as Sonos to make a real dent in the market. Sonos has just done it so well, and it works so reliably I just could not recommend anything else to a non audiophile. All of this just makes me wish Slim Devices could have survived on their own. Squeezebox was just so far ahead of its time...
  4. So what do you mean more specifically? Does that mean Roon can in fact play to the iFi just with reduced capability? Perhaps using upnp or LMS protocol? Have you done it successfully?
  5. Is there anyway to have the iFi act as a Roon endpoint with its native ethernet or wifi? Any chance on it becoming RoonReady in the future?
  6. It is too bad that the iDSD doesn't function as a Roon Ready endpoint. Another reviewer said that the built-in networking seemed the best way to feed the Pro iDSD (to him anyway.) That is a really big deal, if they would just make it work with roon I would buy one no questions asked. That said, it is too bad you didn't evaluate and report on how the iDSD sounded when fed by non-USB sources. I understand you are committed to USB for your own purposes, but for readers it may be important to know which inputs are stronger than others. An excellent review as always.
  7. Is there any substantiated mechanism for which low power RF would actually be bad for you? I spent a significant amount of time in graduate school (early 2000s) doing work at analyzing how cell phones could be bad for you. We made computer models of human heads with all the different tissues represented with appropriate dialectic and conductive properties to see if significant amounts of energy dissipation might occur. At the power levels of cell phones (held right against the head) no significant temperature changes could be expected in tissues after extended exposure, and the bl
  8. Not to launch a political discussion, but the economic divisions in the US are getting more, not less. Those at the top are becoming obscenely rich and there are getting to be more of them. Is it really possible that there is 100k more value in the Raidho than the Vandersteen 7? Of course not, but if you can buy the Vandersteen then you can probably buy the Raidho. If you are selling to the super rich then it just doesnt matter how much it costs. So in that case it really does make sense to keep jacking up the price. Most audio companies are not huge money makers, but if you can hit the occasi
  9. Just to be clear, I don't personally claim that an LPS sounds better than an SMPS. I don't subscribe to any particular dogma other than if you design it well then it will sound good. But that is indeed one reason I have heard to keep cheap SMPS away from your audio system. My understanding is that extra care can be taken to minimize the high frequency noise the SMPS emits back into the mains, but that is expensive and larger. I would bet that something like the Mola Mola Kaluga (one of the absolute finest amplifiers at any price) does not pollute back into the mains, but a small wall-wart is m
  10. Some very established but forward looking companies are using SMPS in their units. All the latest NAD master series is SMPS and I believe Linn also uses SMPS in all of their products. I know my Kii Theee speakers use SMPS power supplies. I believe the main problems with SMPS implementations is that they emit a lot of noise back into the power mains if care is not exercised to prevent it. So that is why an accessory linear supply may sound better than an SMPS even if it does not provide cleaner output in a lot of subjective tests: the linear supply does not crud up the mains for the rest of th
  11. I am glad that you finally got to review these!I have had mine for about a year and have absolutely no complaints. @MikeJazz I am a bit surprised by the lack of "tone" you describe. As Mitchco suggested, perhaps something was off in the setup. One of my revelations with the Kiis has been listening to is older, but excellent recordings of vocals like Sam Cooke or Nina Simone. The depth of texture and dimension that was captured in some of those old recordings is something I had never appreciated before I got the Kiis, even with high end headphone setups.
  12. It will take something pretty esoteric for you to not miss the TADs. Maybe some Raidhos with that weird tweeter? KEF usually has some wacky looking Blades or some such. I have always really wanted to hear some of the Dynaudio Evidence series. If it were my money and I were staying in "audiophile" passive speakers then I would probably go to Vandersteen 7, but I think they now have their own main amplifiers in addition to you having to use the external crossover between preamp and poweramp for the subwoofer amps. I suppose active speakers aren't really useful for reviewing audio c
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