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Found 15 results

  1. Hi there, Hope everyone is sound and safe during this historic event. I am looking for setting up a budget bedroom system that is compact and simple. Does anyone have recommendation for an all-in-one DAC/Streamer/Pre unit? I have an OPPO 103 which does have streaming capacity but the sound quality is not at audiophile level. I have a pair of Meridian 605 mono amp and a pair of Proac tablette monitors. I am not up to date with current market, and I think Naim has Uniti, and NAD has something similar, but I haven't heard them in person. My budget is $2000 or less used or new. Any suggestions anyone?
  2. This unit is the Demo Unit that we have used at AXPONA and Capital Audiofest. I have used this unit in other Demo applications so it has maybe 150 to 200 hours on it. It replaced a PS Audio BHK and paired with single ended amps was a clear step forward. Will come with a full five year warranty on the unit and six months on the tubes. Five single ended inputs, a tape loop, two single ended outputs, and a truly amazing headphone amp makes this a very special centerpiece to any system. Even better, this unit is equipped with variable gain and you can switch between 0dB and 25dB making it highly flexible for both headphone and speaker use. The same circuits are used for both making this by far the best headphone amp I have ever hear. This is a factory demo unit and will come with the full five year warranty on product, six months on the tubes. I will pay for shipping or local pickup in Greenwich, CT. No Paypal or CC fees. Sales tax only if purchased in CT. Read the review here:https://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/artaudio9/artaudio.html
  3. This is the absolute best value all in one integrated amplifier on the market today! New retail for $3500 asking $2395 + Paypal. I'll ship for free.Perfectly maintained Simaudio Moon ACE, all in one unit.Featuring the MiND (MOON intelligent Network Device) module which provides convenience and a full graphic interface, allowing you to effortlessly access your digital music library with power and flexibility; Add TIDAL and an unlimited world of music awaits you. The DAC is also Roon Ready and easily plug into your Roon ecosystem. The ACE is both intuitive and easy to use. Featuring all new advanced setup software, this is the most configurable and customizable MOON component ever offered. Bridging digital and analog audio at a price-to-performance ratio that is impossible to beat, the ACE includes a high resolution DAC with DSD decoding up to DSD256 and 32-bit/384kHz PCM. At the other end of the audio spectrum, a moving magnet phono preamplifier rounds out this complete package.The finest sounding and most complete “all-in-one” available, the ACE can do virtually anything expected of a high-performance audio component of this nature. Accentuated by the world renowned MOON sonic signature - visceral tight bass, transparent midrange, precise natural highs - along with lifelike sound, plus countless features, the ACE will be the “heart and soul” of all your musical indulgences. Top rated, reviewers choice award after award given for this unit: WhatHiFi, Soundstage, Stereophile, Digital Audio Review, all give this unit top rankings and so will you! Significant Design Features • 3 line-level inputs including a front-mounted 1/8” mini-jack for personal media players. • Headphone output on 1/4” jack located on the front panel. • Seamless integration with our MiND app. • 8 digital inputs include USB (hi-res audio), SPDIF (2), Optical (2), Qualcomm® aptXTM audio for Bluetooth®, WiFi and Ethernet. • OLED type screen which provides more detailed information. • Simple MiND setup via on-board software menu. • Moving magnet phono preamplifier input. • Analog inputs are configurable to “pass-through” mode, which bypasses the gain stage to accommodate components like a home-theater processor, whose own volume control is used. Specifications Output Power at 8Ω 50 Watts per channel Input Sensitivity 370mV - 3.0V RMS Input Impedance 22,100Ω Gain 37dB Signal-to-noise Ratio 100dB @ full power Frequency response (full range) 10Hz - 80kHz +0/-3dB Crosstalk -100dB THD (20Hz - 20kHz @ 1 watt / 50 watts) 0.02% / 0.02% Intermodulation distortion 0.005% PCM Bit-depth range / sampling rates 16 - 32 bits / 44.1 - 384kHz DSD sample rates DSD64, DSD128 & DSD256 Thanks for looking and feel free to reach out with any questions and Serious Offers. Price is Firm.
  4. I have a mid 2012 Macbook Pro, Mackie CR3's, Behringer HPX2000 and I'm just kinda happy. Mackies are connected to 3.5mm headphone output of Macbook Pro to the 1/4 TRS inputs of the Mackies. The Mackies have a 3.5mm aux output I can run the headphones on but when I plug them in the speakers shut off. I read that my laptop has 3.5mm/optical mini toslink output. How can I 100% find that out? I installed a programs called Mactracker and it said I had it but I followed some other instructions to check and it didn't show I do. In any event, without upgrading the Mackies I'd like to improve my all around sound quality and achieve deeper bass expecially when wearing the heaphones which aren't very load from the Mackies. I cloud try going straight to the Macbook with them but I don't want to be moving the cable a lot, the jack already seems loose. Please help, this is what I kinda have in mind, keep in mind I know nothing about all this stuff. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07X238W58/?coliid=I3OM2SNSG0CQXA&colid=CC9E3PYS8XU9&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  5. SOLD Luminous Audio Technology Axiom II passive preamplifer. This unit is in mint condition. This is a terrific passive preamp, google for reviews. It mates very well with the Job 225 amplifier I am selling in a separate ad. It has the following upgrades: Caddock resistors: $25 48-step, Polish-made volume control using 1% metal film resistors and silver-plated rotary switch network: $175 Additional set of RCA outputs: $35 Msrp: $430 Sales Price: $275 Buyer pays shipping and Paypal fees.
  6. Welcome to my first Analog Wednesday! "Stuck in the Middle With You" With apologies to "Stealers Wheel." DAC's to the left of me, Speakers to the right, here I am, Stuck in the middle with you I do not want to leave out the parts of the system that make the sound! In a file-based or digital music system something has to make the air move, and that is the speakers. (OR Headphones). Working upstream from the speakers we need amplification to power the speakers. In a system of separate components, there are usually two devices. The Pre-amplifier takes signals from a DAC or a CD player or in a particular case a Turntable. Many times the preamplifier has an input selection switch system to pick the source input. Most preamplifiers have the volume control for the system. The inputs and outputs of the preamplifier are at what we call line level. Line level cannot drive speakers! So the pre-amp is an input switcher and volume control! The next device in line is the power amplifier. This is where line-level or low voltage signals are transformed to drive speakers. Where this gets interesting is in devices like the Mytek Brooklyn DAC that is a DAC, Phono-stage, digital or analog volume control, input switch, and pre-amp. WHEW, a stereo swiss army knife! Another device that is "all-in-one" is the Naim Unity Atom that does even more by including a power amplifier. And do not forget the Chord Mojo and others that are a DAC with integrated headphone amplifier built-in. There are also systems like the KII Three or the KEF LS50W that have it all neatly tucked into the speakers! These are not your 1970 JBL's! I will discuss the analog portions of the system over time and will try for Wednesdays! Bob
  7. Guys, any love for this thing out there? Proper reviews seem difficult to find. More specifically, does the tube section sound "tubey"?
  8. OPPO was "nice" enough to post a peek into what they are working on at the OPPO Digital Future Products page. I think they would like people to be aware of it as they apparently can't pull it in before the holiday season and hope some fan base to hold off of purchases from other vendors by posting the planned hardware. And that is my question. I may be considering exactly this new combo (DAC+AMP+HF) for the holiday season in up to the 2.5K range. What would be an (un)educated guess of this respectable community - has OPPO a chance to best current offerings and so the wait is warranted? Is it even worth considering OPPO's first offering in a new category for them - headphones - given I am not a collector, but rather have a set for a long time? Cheers!
  9. Greetings, Im hoping I can get some advice with my new setup. I have just recently purchased and hooked up a miniwatt n3 amplifier and a pair of wharfedale 10.1 diamond speakers. This is currently hooked up straight to my pc's soundcard. I have been thinking of getting a dac but the soundstage i am quite happy with at this point. My problem (or i think it is a problem) is that I feel that the sound even though has a great soundstage, seems to be lacking a little bass. As you may know the miniwatt only has a volume control so levels are set. My question is, is this sound the natural sound it should be or am I just used to the heavy bass a lot of cheaper hifi systems pump out, or is due to more of an in-compatability between speakers and amp. From what I have read the miniwatt can pretty much run most speakers well, so I dont know if Im just being picky. Is there anyway i can increase the base slightly using any computer programs or is it worth getting something like a preamp to give me more control? Any advice would be greatly appreciated......Thanks
  10. My current setup looks like this: iMac running Audirvana Plus -> V-DAC -> Audioengine A5s I'd like to step up to something more versatile that will let me add a headphone amp, a musical subwoofer, and replace the A5s with higher quality passive speakers at some point. I'm starting to think that picking up something like an Emotiva USP-1 might make sense. If I understand correctly, placing a USP-1 right before the A5s would give me volume control and bass management for a subwoofer, make it easy to connect a headphone amp, and would make it easy to add a power amp when I decide to upgrade the A5s. Does this seem like a worthwhile route, or is there something else I should be considering? I initially wondered about some of the Peachtree options, but I'm not crazy about having the DAC integrated into the system.
  11. DA-250 USB DAC, Class A Preamp & Headphone Amp ($2500) Luxman’s DA-250 is a Class A Preamplifer, Class A Headphone Amplifier and a USB capable Digital Audio Converter packaged in a slim & compact B4 form factor. It delivers a wonderfully musical rich tone that will provide countless hours of fatigue-free listening enjoyment. The DA-250 is the successor to the DA-200 which launched in 2010 and proved tremendously popular among desktop audio users. Luxman’s sales team and engineers have continuously listened to end users’ comments carefully and exchanged opinions about applications and styles on how best to enjoy computer audio. Now Luxman is introducing this new USB D/A Converter DA-250 which is much improved over the DA-200 by focusing on upgrading its sound quality and adding new features and incorporating the latest technology. Digital Circuit USB input is compatible up to 192 kHz/32bit PCM data and DSD data (2.8MHz and 5.6MHz). S/PDIF input handles up to 192 kHz/24bit PCM signals. In addition to USB input, the DA-250 has a coaxial input and two optical (Toslink) inputs to enable connection with a CD player and / or DVR, satellite radio etc. The Texas Instruments PCM1795 was selected for the DAC, which contains a 32 bit digital filter, digital signals are up-converted internally to 352.8k or 384kHz/32 bit. Two different kinds of tone filter setting are provided and switchable to your taste (32bit digital filter for PCM and analog FIR filter for DSD). Low phase noise clock modules are mounted independently on both 44.1 k and 48kHz channels to reduce noise around the oscillating frequency and to generate highly accurate low jitter clock signals. By using asynchronous communication for the USB input and a DAIR high accuracy clock for S/PDIF, low jitter reduction is possible. Analog Circuit The configuration of D/A converter and high quality pre-amplifier circuit has been considerably upgraded in terms of both sound quality and performance. Output signal can be selected between Fixed and Variable modes. Variable position is convenient for a direct connection to a separate type power amplifier or a powered speaker system. For example a matching LUXMAN M-200 stereo amplifier can be used to drive the loudspeakers of your preference. Analog Input / Vinyl Recording One analog input is available. Analog signals are converted into the digital realm by way of a built-in A/D converter TI PCM9211/DAIR. For example, the matching Luxman E-200 / 250 phono stages will allow a turntable to be connected to the DA-250 and output to 24/96 for easy recording. The power environment of high inertia from a large power transformer to large capacity block capacitors and each circuit’s independent regulator is designed to provide a great drive impetus to the signal output, delivering large dynamic swings and maintaining image specificity across the sound-stage regardless of the listening level. Specifications: [TABLE=class: spec, width: 100%] [TR] [TH]format[/TH] [TD] 2-channel D / A converter[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TH] Sampling frequency[/TH] [TD] USB input (PCM): 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz 96kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz (16,24,32bit) USB input (DSD): 2.82MHz, 5.64MHz (1bit) OAX / OPT input: 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz 96kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz (16,20,32bit)[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TH] Digital input[/TH] [TD] USB1 system, COAX1 system, OPT2 system[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TH] Digital output[/TH] [TD] COAX1 system, OPT1 system[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TH] Analog output[/TH] [TD] Unbalanced 1 system, balance 1 system, headphone 1 system[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TH] Line output voltage / impedance[/TH] [TD] Unbalanced: 2.5V / 300Ω, balance: 2.5V / 600Ω[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TH] Headphone output[/TH] [TD] 130mW + 130mW (600Ω) 400mW + 400mW (32Ω), 200mW + 200mW (16Ω)[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TH] Frequency characteristic[/TH] [TD] 2Hz ~ 50kHz (+0, -3.0dB)[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TH] Total harmonic distortion rate[/TH] [TD] 0.001%[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TH] S / N ratio (IHF-A)[/TH] [TD] 118dB[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TH][/TH] [TD][/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TH] power consumption[/TH] [TD] 19W (in accordance with the provisions of the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law)[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TH] External dimensions[/TH] [TD] 364 (width) × 81 (height) × 279 (depth) mm Depth includes front knob 14mm, the rear terminal 8mm[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TH] weight[/TH] [TD] 5.4kg (body), 7.5kg (standard packing)[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TH] accessories[/TH] [TD] Remote Control (RD-24) Power cable (JPA-10000: with polarity mark)[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] This product qualifies for Free Shipping and 5% back in points when you register for Club Ciamara Membership Rewards Program 1.844.CIAMARA (1.844.242.6272) High End Audio Store NYC - Experience Ciamara
  12. Lightly used, mint condition iFi iTube tube buffer in original box. Great way to bring tube warmth to a digital system. Highly regarded and can also be used as a pre-amp, $210Free shipping. https://ifi-audio.com/portfolio-view/micro-itube/
  13. Am I on the right path to look for a dac to serve as a preamp? I recently downsized my home theater system to a 2-channel video system. This system is in the living room and functions for listening to music & watching tv/movies. I currently use a Parasound Halo A21 amp and NAD M15 processor to drive a pair of Infinity Kappa 400 tower speakers. I use Audirvana from a macbook pro and the Meridian Explorer as a DAC. My thoughts are that I no longer have a need for a HT processor and I would like to maximize my 2-channel performance. All my music is digital. Although I have contemplated vinyl, I just have never gotten into it and probably won't due to the ease of digital. I've been currently looking at the NAD M51 to replace my M15. Ideally I would like to go USB from the macbook pro into the dac/preamp. Would the NAD M51 be the best option? I also noticed it doesn't support DSD, which I don't have any files in this format, but if it is as incredible as everyone states would I be missing an opportunity to go for the NAD M51? Another idea: I currently use a midrange blu-ray player. I've thought about getting the Oppo 105d to serve this function, but I have heard mixed reviews on people using it directly into a power amp. Also my budget is about $2000 but would be more than happy to spend less. Thanks for your input!
  14. SOtM sDP-1000EX High End Audio D/A converter and preamplifier with battery PSU Only, 4 months old, 10/10 condition. $1590 US retail: $3200 Price for EU residents (with VAT) - €1790 6moons glowing review: 6moons audio reviews: SOtM sDP-1000 sDP-1000EX is a high-end D/A converter and pre-amplifier. It can be summarized as a high-end featured device; a USB audio function which supports DSD playback, a high-performance clock circuit, a battery power supply and a high performance preamplifier. The design is compact and classy. Various digital and analog connections are available. The OLED display window shows the information related to usage and is easily controlled by the remote and face-plat switches. USB audio uses an asynchronous mode to connect the digital audio source device such as a PC. It can playback a 32 bit/192KHz PCM signal (maximum) and DSD signal. In addition, the sound quality from the input source can be improved by the specially designed high performance clock and 32 bit up-sampler circuit. All audio circuit parts including the DAC and preamplifier volume control are fully balanced circuits. Not a single coupling capacitor is used in the audio signal path since that would cause distortion of the sound quality. These designs allow us to hear clear, excellent and high resolution sound. Also, to supply high quality power, it has two battery packs installed, while one battery provides power, the other charges and switches between these functions automatically, so there is no additional work needed once it’s connected to a power supply for charging the battery. The sDP-1000EX will work continuously via battery power only. There are already many DAC’s on the market, but the sDP-1000EX is incomparable. The sDP-1000EX will perform as the center of the finest high-end audio system. Key Features: -32bit/192KHz PCM -DSD, DXD support -OLED display -Remote control -universal voltage 100V-250V Comes in original box and packaging, detachable IEC AC power cord, all manuals, remote. All enquires welcome and will be answered in full. NO TRADES.PayPal add 4.9% Shipping: EU: 80 EUR US, Asia: $200
  15. I just bought a black Chord DAVE, $12, 800, that I learned needed to sell while awaiting delivery. Dealer not being very nice. Considered one of the best, if not the best, DAC on the market. Stereophile A+. Read the reviews. Box opened, not used. Not yet registered. $9000 or best offer.
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