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Part 1 of 5 : Symposium Attendees , Equipment and Delivering More Than Promised

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This was a group of real pros along with real audiophiles. I got introduced to a few and these are engineers that all of us have albums that they have worked on and music on many movie soundtracks that we all have enjoyed. Then the man that did the legendary Pacific Microsonic Model 2 and the Berkeley D/A was there along with about 10 others that are very important in the equipment field. Meeting Keith Johnson was very cool as most of us own some of his Reference Recordings works. To top that off, ALL of the audiophiles were real nice, open and you find out also have very keen ears. All of a sudden you realize you are not the only one that hears things and loves music with realism. This group exceeded my expectations.

When it came to equipment, the only word was a big WOW. In the lounge they had a nice Magico speaker with MBL system along with a music server. This was the main eating and sitting around talking room. The main listening room was a dream come true for server people. They had the Goodwin windows server fully decked out , Mac Pro and an older Mac G5 server with just PCI and the Martan server. Each had the identical Lynx card. Then WOW WOW WOW they had four yes four pristine Pacific Microsonics Model 2’s.(Everyone was taking pictures) This gave one for each server on it’s own. No wires to switch so comparison was easy. All of this fed into a magnificent pair of Magico Model 5’s fed with this monster top of the line Boulder amplifier. Keep in mind the room was also perfect. Plenty of separation between the speakers and not too many bad seating positions in the house. NOW to top that off all of the servers and Lynx cards were played and volume measured and adjusted to within 1/400th of a DB. Not a misprint here. So in reality you have the perfect comparison system. Volume perfect, same card, same songs, same D/A. I don’t think anywhere on earth there was a place in time with the ability to compare things in the new server world with all different resolution. The equipment exceeded what I was expecting.

Just a note. Normally when you go to seminar you get pizza or something like that. Again they went over the top. Shrimp, clams, Corned beef and pastrami, great deserts and endless soft drinks.



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Oh my! That listening session/room/gear is about as ideal as you can get, hopefully no one fought over the sweet spot. Can't wait for your next part, I'm real interested to read opinions on the differences between combinations of system/hardware/software.




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earlinarizona. Living thousand and thousands of mile's away, you made me wish I was there more than I would care to admit.



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