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I had a wavelength brick for about half a year and seriously hated it. for 1700 dollars, it was probably the worst product build that I have seen. I'm guessing wavelength expects buyers to be impressed by the uniqueness of having a USB input and the idea of a 1200 dollar transport that's as good as 10K transport or so forth, which h'm sure the babyboomers think is the coolest thing ever.... I'm young so I'm much less impressed.


Sound: the brick basically lacks balls. no dynamics, a crunched soundstage, rolled off highs, inpercise imaging. not good.


the cosecant is a different story.


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Thanks for the post Granodemostasa. That is some good information. I was seriously considering purchasing the Brick, but I am a little hesitant because of the price. The other Wavelength DACs are a little of of my price range. Now, I think I am going to get a Benchmark DAC1 USB and run that into a pre amp or tube headphone amp from Ray Samuels. The Benchmark says it can do 24 bit / 96 KHZ straight form the USB port of a PC. This seems to be rare right now.




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I can't comment about the earlier version of the Brick but I just received the new one today. I hooked it up in my system, replacing the Benchmark USB that was in place. I will write further on this once the unit gets some time on it but my initial impression, after about five hours of playing, is that there is a great sense of ease, more space and more high end resolution. I agree that it is not beautiful inside, but it serves the music better in terms of providing texture and seems to be a little less "homogenized" than the Benchmark. I'm having to use a different single ended interconnect on the Brick but it is a less capable cable than what is on the Benchmark. More to come. Can't wait for the Cosecant based on the early sound of this guy.


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